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Sinus (long) - any advice is welcome
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Published: 19 years ago

Sinus (long) - any advice is welcome

Gosh, reading some of those messages, I am really not the only one to suffer from sinus infections...

Myne has some pecularities and maybe someone with similar experience could help me.

I started having sinus problems 13 years ago,per what I recall, at the time I had a cold but also in the same period I went to a dentist who had to remove a tooth with an abcess. I really believe I felt the needle actually going through my lower sinus (with probably some infection too) and the day after I had a huge sinus infection.

Anyway, this was 13 years ago. In the beginning, I took the usual Antibiotics and it worked (like penicillin) but after a while I would get another infection. 4 years ago I got a surgery and for a year I did not have any sinus infection then it came back bit by bit. Two years ago I started to see the doctor again every 6 months, then every 3 months, each time the Antibiotics not solving the situation.

Then 4 months ago, I took some of the strongest Antibiotics for a very strong sinus infection. At the time my eyes also started to feel very dry but more like the dryness was behind the eyeballs (really weird feeling). After 4 weeks of 2 kinds of antibiotics, it just went worse. In the last week of taking antibiotics, I also decided to take some nose drops of Colloidal Silver , I continued for a week after that and my face became swollen. The dryness behing my eyeballs started hurting (it would actually hurt really bad if I had water in my eyes while taking a shower, the exact feeling would be like I had pure soap in my eyes). I stopped the Colloidal Silver drops right away as it did not seem to help and I was also afraid it was contributing to the condition.

My vision also started to change, my vision is now blurry at short distance (like when you read a magazine). I am a graphic artist and I work 10 hours/day in front of a computer. My screen seems to be more bright and definitely a strain in my eyes. I also seem to have more floaters than before.

My first question is...Has anyone experienced this kind of "dryness" behind the eyeballs with a sinus infection? It actually feels a bit like sand. Quite inconfortable :)

If so, does anyone had some experience on some solution that could ease or handle that problem? It is possible to get a vision back after a case like that? (I am also 42 years old)

Recently I started using something called EyeBright Formula (not for the faint of heart - this stuff can burn) and hopefully this may help in the long run although this is more related to "floaters" in the eyes.


The second part is that I also decided to completely abandon traditional medecine on that aspect. I mean, I tried my best but after 13 years of no results who wouldn't!
If a client wanted me to create a brochure or an illustration and after 13 years I could not give him something, he probably would sue me and ask for his money back...

I went to see a person who uses herbal medecines. I have seen her for 3 1/2 months now and the good part about it is that the strong sinus infections have stopped. I am taking a lot of Standard Process vitamins (Allerplex, etc...) and some herbs formulas that she is preparing for me (including herbs to get rid of parasites, etc...) - i went through some intense moments with those herbal stuff (detox)

I am less tired than before and it does look like it is going in the right direction but slooowwwly, veryyy slowwwly. Presently I have a continuous pressure in the nose (and the eye stuff I explained above) which is more like an inflammation. I used to have it in all the nose area (lower and upper sinuses) but it seem to have moved more toward the top of the sinuses and eyes over the last 3 months (the lower sinuses seem better although for a few days it can come back)

I am now arriving at the conclusion that I do need a complete change of lifestyle. I smoke (1 pack a day), I like beer and wine, I drink coffee all the time (up to 10 cups a day sometimes), I love cheese and bread, I NEED meat (definitely not the vegetarian type), I don't exercise etc... In the last 3 months, most of my food has been organic (even the coffee, wine, etc...). Overall, I am quite fit though, thanks probably for being a professional athlete until my early 20's.

I am going to speak to my herbalist about my desire to change my lifestyle but here are my questions:

Aside from what my herbalist gives me...what can I also do (without interferring with the herbs treatment my herbalist gives me) that could help me speed up the process or help easing the inflammation and burning in the eyes?

From the experience of those who have gotten rid off the infection completely, what have been the succesfull actions in the change of lifestyle?

I know VERY little about diet...where do I start? What could be the best diet for me? What food should I avoid (bad for sinus), what food are good to fight a sinus infection?

Should I also do an allergy test? Where do you get an allergy test?

I really intend to be a success story and beat this thing, actually I want my eyes better than before this infection. I do realize a lot of what happened is my fault, it was a great body to start with and I admit I have not been too careful with it in the last 20 years so now it is my responsibility to put it back together so we can be friend again :)

Thanks for any advice. I am also very interested by anything that could help my eyes right now (due to my line of work as a Graphic Artist)


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