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Re: an iodine success!!
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: an iodine success!!

The time frame you mentioned for how long you've had it and when you had the tube sounds like they match!

Staph is so common anymore at hospitals, I'd be shocked if I DIDN'T come home with an infection. It's sad, but anyone the last two years around here whom I've talked with who has had surgery at the two nearest hospitals have gotten serious staph infections (my surgery wasn't any near here, but I think staph is rampant nationwide, but I really am jaded about quality of care at the places near here—too many life-threatening staph infections, too many misdiagnoses as "oh, it's nothing, go home and take an aspirin or antacid or reduce stress"). If I ever have to have surgery again, I'm going to take that approach and proactively make sure I'm getting my Iodine to head off any infections the hospital may inadvertently expose me to. And I'm NOT going to go to one of the hospitals around here.

When I went in to the ENT, it was first an intern who looked at me. And she was puzzled and alarmed at the bumps inside my nose, thus she fetched the expert, the doctor overseeing her. SHE was then the one who said she hasn't seen these often but that they were usually staph infections. She didn't seem overly concerned, but did say if the Antibiotic ointment (bacitracin) didn't work to come back in.

Since I saw that the ointment "kinda" worked in that it did help, just not permanently, I decided to not go back but try alternative medicine. That was around when I first discovered Cure Zone.

I had read up on folks getting "boils" inside their nose caused by staph, and they were nearly impossible to get cured of. Only thing that had worked for them were turmuric. It was researching the turmuric that I came across Cure Zone and the Oil Pulling forum (oil pulling DID help the nose bumps, just didn't cure them; and the turmuric also helped, I just didn't keep up with taking it, so will never know if it would have cured them). Then I read the Iodine Supplementation forum, and tried the iodine, which worked for this and a bunch of other health benefits, and the rest is history!

IF the Iodine didn't work for me I would have gone back (just in case it was something like cancer ... I think that's what the intern was scared it was when she called in her boss), but the iodine worked beautifully.

Still working on my multiple other health issues. For me, I've gotten the best health benefits from iodine supplementation (and all the companion nutrients), Essiac tea, Colloidal Silver , Beck blood electrification, and oil pulling. I call these my Fantastic Five. (It's really more than five, because the companion nutrients I take with the iodine, but I group them all with iodine because for me they're a must with the iodine, so it's like one "routine" for me—vit. C, niacin, Sea Salt & salt push, selenium, Epsom Salt baths.) I did have good benefits from Miracle-Mineral-Supplement , but due to the taste/smell and stomach and diarrhea, opted out as the iodine and Colloidal Silver would do the same but are more natural and much kinder to the body.

The Beck blood electrification is new for me, but vastly seems to improve the iodine absorption for me. I'm not sure how this is going to turn out for me in the long run, but I am encouraged and am definitely monitoring this. Maybe I'll get iodine sufficient sooner with it, or maybe it'll help me detoxify better or sooner. It definitely helped me kick a cold much quicker than usual for me, and the "snot" was always a healthy color, and thin, even as the cold dried up.

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