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More Comments About "The Bad Guys, by MH"
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Published: 13 years ago

More Comments About "The Bad Guys, by MH"

MH said.....With the Human, there is a "freedom" that other mammals do not have....we have a "mind" that enables us to "resist" or, "accept" God's Will.
My COMMENT...the rational mind is the principal link between our physical and spiritual selves. Anything which disturbs the balance of the mind interferes with that link, and our spiritual aspect is diminished accordingly.

MH said...I don't think any human has ever known the truth, no one truely "knows" the connection we have with God...but we all know, we humans have the ability to "resist" and do bad or do good, etc.... For example: We can spend 50 years of our life, resisting God's Will and totally waste out life and the day we accept God's will, we can say our "ship" has came in, because finally things are going good for me.......or we can spend our entire life against God an never learn one thing in life.
MY COMMENT...the connection between God and man is as Creator and creation. God has created us to know Him and to worship Him. We should seek to accept and understand our powerlessness and His Might, our poverty and His wealth. We are God's servants and we please our Creator by applying ourselves to His dictates.

MH said....The "true" predestination types will believe that "IF" you lived against Gpd for 50 years, then you had to and "your" spirit knew this before you were ever born and you had to learn the "hard" too speak! Each step had to be experienced exactly the way it was played out and when the day is done, we would have it no other way, because our life was a learning experience. I suggest this: You can spend your life learning nothing and going nowhere and the day you open your eyes, is the day your life turns for the better and you indeed know you are alive and your life means something. In my theory, you could help a person start lets say, 30 years earlier than you did, by passing down your experiences.....but, still trust that such a thing was also meant to be.
MY COMMENT about "fate and predestination"......"Fate and predestination" consist in the necessary and indispensable relationships which exist in the realities of things. These relationships have been placed in the realities of existent beings through the power of creation and every incident is a consequence of the necessary relationship. For example, God hath created a relation between the sun and the terrestrial globe that the rays of the sun should shine and the soil should yield. These relationships constitute "predestination", and the manifestation thereof in the plane of existence is "fate". "Will" is that active force which controlleth these relationships and these incidents.

MH said....To suggest "WHY" why do anything if all is predestined? Simply because the authors of the Bible states that "if" your lazy and produce no fruit, you will be worthless as a fig tree that bares no fruit. Those that help them selves, those that ask receive, etc., etc...are rewarded. Those doing nothing, just stagnate. Lets say your taking a test. The faster you pass each test, the faster your given a new lesson. Those that seek Nature, may pass 100 test in 50 years, while a person seeking the world may never get past the first test in 50 years. AND, it had to be that could be no other way..
MY COMMENT.....tests are a gift from God. God never tests us beyond our capacity to pass a given test. As we pass each test we are immediately issued a new test with a greater degree of difficulty. The more tests from God that we pass, the closer we draw to God.

MH said....A person can ponder their life and soon discover every step they took, ever so good or bad, had to be exactly as it did. We are here on earth to learn/experience; that I have no doubt of. Do we have any control? ANYWAY to control our daily lives? If you believe in predestination and a no chaos universe, then you must believe every minute of existance is like a play on the stage of life. It is very hard to suggest otherwise, it takes a religion to trick the mind to suggest we humans have powers to change our destiny and that we are greater than our creator. A human that believes in God and predestination is a human that believes/trust God with "all" and believes every human is a child of God equal in every way and under the authority of God 100%.
MY COMMENT...."O thou who art turning thy face towards God! Close thine eyes to all things else, and open them to the realm of the All-Glorious. Ask whatsoever thou wishest of Him alone; seek whatsoever thou seekest from Him alone. With a look He granteth a hundred thousand hopes, with a glance He healeth a hundred thousand incurable ills, with a nod He layeth balm on every wound, with a glimpse He freeth the hearts from the shackles of grief. He doeth as He doeth, and what recourse have we? He carrieth out His Will, He ordaineth what He pleaseth. Then better for thee to bow down thy head in submission, and put thy trust in the All-Merciful Lord." ('Abdu'l-Baha, Selections from the Writings of 'Abdu'l-Baha, p. 51)

The best thing a human being can do once he realizes the superiority of God's authority is to turn heart and soul towards His Will and His Word.....

"Whatsoever He, the Well-Beloved, ordaineth, the same is, verily, beloved. To this He Who is the Lord of all creation beareth Me witness." (Baha'u'llah, The Kitab-i-Aqdas, p. 21-22)

A person attains a very high level of spiritual development when he learns to love the Will of God more than his own will. Everyone should be encouraged to adopt this approach to life.....

"By Thy might which is far above all mention and praise! Whatsoever is revealed by Thee is the desire of my heart and the beloved of my soul. O God, my God! Look not upon my hopes and my doings, nay rather look upon Thy will that hath encompassed the heavens and the earth. By Thy Most Great Name, O Thou Lord of all nations! I have desired only what Thou didst desire, and love only what Thou dost love." (Baha'u'llah, The Kitab-i-Aqdas, from the Long Obligatory Prayer, p. 93)

This does not negate the role of free-will, however. God has given all human beings a measure of free-will, in order to enable them to know and love God authentically and to be responsible for their own decisions and actions. Every soul is given God's grace in a pre-ordained measure and is expected to do their very best with the blessings, talents, opportunities, and trials that God has given them. Each person's spiritual development and potential in life can only be realized through consistent effort to follow God's teachings.....

"Know thou that all men have been created in the nature made by God, the Guardian, the Self-Subsisting. Unto each one hath been prescribed a pre-ordained measure, as decreed in God's mighty and guarded Tablets. All that which ye potentially possess can, however, be manifested only as a result of your own volition. Your own acts testify to this truth." (Baha'u'llah, Gleanings from the Writings of Baha'u'llah, p. 149)

Some things are beyond the power of man, others are not...

"Some things are subject to the free will of man, such as justice, equity, tyranny and injustice, in other words, good and evil actions; it is evident and clear that these actions are, for the most part, left to the will of man. But there are certain things to which man is forced and compelled, such as sleep, death, sickness, decline of power, injuries and misfortunes; these are not subject to the will of man, and he is not responsible for them, for he is compelled to endure them. But in the choice of good and bad actions he is free, and he commits them according to his own will. For example, if he wishes, he can pass his time in praising God, or he can be occupied with other thoughts. He can be an enkindled light through the fire of the love of God, and a philanthropist loving the world, or he can be a hater of mankind, and engrossed with material things. He can be just or cruel. These actions and these deeds are subject to the control of the will of man himself; consequently, he is responsible for them." ('Abdu'l-Baha, Some Answered Questions, p. 247-250)

Taken together, therefore, it is useful to think of God's Will and man's will as working in combination with one another. This relationship is easily visualized by thinking about a sail boat...

The wind is like the Will of God. It moves the boat and blows in whatever direction it will. Without the wind, there is no movement at all: "…the inaction or the movement of man depend upon the assistance of God. If he is not aided, he is not able to do either good or evil." ('Abdu'l-Baha, Some Answered Questions, p. 247-250) The rudder of the boat is like the will of man. Within the limits of what the wind will allow, the rudder enables the boat, which is like the soul of man, to turn to the left or to the right. So it is that man may choose to turn his soul towards good things or bad things. And of course, in this analogy, the sailor is like the mind and heart of man which decides which way to turn the rudder. All these forces work together to determine the journey of the boat, which is the soul.


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