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Re: I'm going to fuss at you guys

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: I'm going to fuss at you guys

I do agree that this situation might be being used, or even a manipulated ploy at a stretch, to get the sheeple conditioned for China-esque population control, but also for conditioning the people to rely on the state to raise their kids and to be dependent on the state for everything else too.  Socialism/communism anyone?

Where do you draw the line with lab created state sponsored bankrupt planned pregnancies?  If next year she had another 8 kids, is that crossing the line?  Would the fertility doctor then be held responsible, or is it "anything goes"?  Where do you draw the line financially?  Mentally?  Physically?  No father in the picture?  Sinlge?  Questionable track record?

She can't afford the kids and she can't support or raise them.  Which means I have to pay for them and raise them.  Tell me who is going to raise those kids.  I am.  Her old mother is.  You are.  Don Quixote is.  Alikat is.  And most of all the government is going to raise those kids.  How has the state been doing at raising, indoctrinating, vaccinating, etc... children?  We are taught to let the state raise our kids, that a mother and father are not necessary of even healthy.  And biologically, she can't breast feed all of those kids.  Biologically, she isn't going to have a husband around to do what males are supposed to do to raise their offspring.  Biologically, she doesn't have the time to raise these kids properly, much less get a job to feed them nutritious food.  Is government cheese healthy?  She said that she was going to get her degree so she could get a good job!  When will she have the time for school or a job?!?!  She is not only extremely impractical, her sanity is in question.

Single with 14 kids - who in their right mind thinks that is a good idea?  Who is going to "train" those kids?  Especially with the financial and possible mental instability of the mother.  The grandmother even complained that she was going to have to help raise those 6+8 kids now.  When does quantity cause quality to suffer?  Better to have 1 bright kid or 14 idiots?  I am sure the state would ratgher have 14 sheeple who were just bright enough to do what they are told than to have 1 bright kid who is always questioning everything and figuring things out. 

This is yet another example of how irresponsibleness and unaccountability is rewarded, while responsible people get the shaft and bear the expense.  I know a lot of people who do not have kids because they could not afford them.        

These 14 kids were no accident.  The first 6 were calculated and planned and the next 8 were calculated and planned even though she knew she could not afford the kids and she was staying single.  Would the doctor have planted 8 eggs if he knew she was going to keep all of them that took?  Call it a fiduciary duty, a duty of expertise and extra accountability because of the position of professionalism and power.  Either way I consider that malpractice - he planted too many eggs and he made possible the opportunity for an already unstable situation to snap out of control.  Just like the banks who offerred loans to people knowing that the people would not be able to pay them back, it's like offering an $8 million mortgage to an unemployed person who has already maxed out credit cards and not much potential for future income for the next 15 years.  The bank ends up owning the home, just as the government ends up owning the children.  The state is already telling parents that they can't home school their own kids.  How can the state do that?  Because we gave them too much power by being reliant on the state to take care of us.  

The government should not tell a woman how many kids she should have.  The government should ALSO not enable the situation to take place, to support 14 kids from a woman who planned to have many kids whom she knew she could not support and took extra measures to make sure she would stay single and pregnant.  "The Government" is everybody's sugar daddy now.  And watch out, because that sugar daddy is gonna want something in exchange and now everybody has to bend over and take it in the end.  The state already has too much power and influence in our lives.  How many taxpayers will it take to raise those kids?  How many other services will be lost because of the millions in taxpayer dollars will go to raising these kids for this mother?  Those kids will cost at least 2.6 to 4 million (  And those are just the estimated up front costs.  Imagine all of the hidden costs to countless people who were forced to take care of these kids.  How many basic NEEDS services like food and shelter will be going to these kids who were WANTED.  The mother did not NEED another 8 kids, she WANTED them.  A lot of people NEED food and assistance to survive.  Watch the news for the coming suffering. 

Relying on the state/government is giving power to the state/government.  That goes for everyone.  I have every right to protest the undue reliance on government by other Americans.  Not just because my money is used.  You give the state/government power, that power is used against me as well.  Anyone who is using my tax money and government services to raise their children is fair game to be criticized.     

"Loving and adorable" is great but it doesn't raise kids.  My puppy is lovable and adorable but I can't afford 14 puppies, nor take care of them and train them.  Who is going to train those 14 kids?


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