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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Just to add..

I am a vegetarian. I do not eat artificial foods. I do not drink soft drinkgs. I have the power to say " do not eat this" to whatever food is infront of me. I eat every day vegetables and frutis etc BUT the problem is not emotional but physical. 5 years ago something happened to me after one event. It was like an injury to the liver. I felt extreme pain in my liver for 20 mins and then it went away. But after 5 days jaundice occurred. In the begining my JP said I have hepatitis but the result was negative. I was happy that I hadnt hepatitis but... I went to gastroenterologists and he told me that I have gilbert syndrome. Gylbert syndrome is a common condition (about 5 % of the poopulation have it). My results showed that i had elevated unconjugated and conjugated bilirubin. Gilbert syndrome leads to unconjugated bilirubinemia ONLY. Conjugated bilirubin means obstruction in most cases. Doctor said "dont worry it is normal for you to have jaundice sometimes". He gave me liv 52 and my jaundice went away. I had liver pain very rarely(but now very often) and something told me "the problem is another". I have been to many doctors. I went to another doctor in 2008. He told me the same thing but I told him "I have pain arround the liver very often". He said :" it is normal you are young and you are growing". Then I asked him " Is the gilbert syndrome possible reason for my pain" He told me " Absolutely No, your pain have different source" and i knew it...Then I asked him "Is it possible for me to have some problem with my bile ducts or gallbladder? He told me " You are saying nonsence You have only gilbert syndrome and thats all" I have read many things about gilbert syndrome, bilirubin, liver enzymes, liver function and of course liver flush. I think that I have biliary obstruction somewhere inside my liver ducts (last result shown that I havent any Gallstones - 04.2008 ). But before it I had 3 liver flushes. Many stones have been expelled. I dont know if they are fro the gallbladder or not. My story is so long. I cant write everything that I have experienced in these 5 years... in one post. But most important thing to me is that :

I have pain when i do backward bending and twisting asanas like :
- cat pose

(image in the middle)


And about my mood. I was not so negative before but it is the reuslt of 5 years of pain, and 2 years of feet pain and bad skin etc ... What i think
Yes mind affects body but body affects mind too.
Buddha says:
"To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. "
I will never give up. I am doing meditation, pranayama, yogasana as I said. I am a vegetarian.My diet is natural. I think that I should continue flushing. I have stopped for 1.5 years. That was a big mistake but I though that first I should try something different. But this year I again am on flushing. I have done 1 flush ( in january). Next week I am going to do another.
PS: sorry for my bad english.

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