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Good For You, Good for Your Son, Good for the World!
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Published: 13 years ago
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Good For You, Good for Your Son, Good for the World!

Thank you for choosing not to circumcise. It is a decision that you and your son will be blessed by every day of your life! I am a mom of two intact sons who are almost 3 and 5. I am so happy for them that they are happy, perfect beings, and that no one to cut, maimed, or obliterated their birth right of being whole.

I am a professional in the perinatal field and I care about babies. End male genital mutilation now!

As for you Godisdead, if God is dead, then what does he care? How bout this, I think people who cut innocent babies' penises off are going to hell. Or people who try to scare nice pregnant ladies over the internet with outdated rhetoric. How about that. You have only posted 3 times on CZ and this was one of them? Go find another forum to annoy. I hope you can one day forgive those who circumcised you.

For all those who are Christians, the new testament of the bible overrules the old. Jesus taught that it doesn't matter if you are Jew or Gentile, circumcised or uncircumcised, man or woman, rich or poor, that you are all equal in the sight of God in Christianity, in other words, God doesn't care!!!

Anyone who thinks circumcision is a good idea is either brainwashed by their culture, like most unsuspecting American's are, and Jews are by their religion, or you are sick and want to perpetrate an evil, sadistic, crime against an innocent baby. It's one or the other, because the AMERICAN PEDIATRIC ASSOCIATION states that there is "NO MEDICAL REASON FOR ROUTINE MALE CIRCUMCISION". Since there is no medical reason for it, you are either brainwashed, ignorant, or sadistic if you want to perpetrate this crime on an innocent child.

The bottom line is that whatever you believe, God/Nature made us perfect with exactly the body parts we need to go through this world, so DO NOT CUT ANY of them OFF! You need everything you are born with!

My husband is currently restoring his foreskin (which is impossible) but you can stretch skin to cover the mucous membrane/glans/head of the penis that has been left exposed to the elements after circumcision removes it's protective foreskin and leaves open to irritation from clothing. He is furious at his parents for blindly allowing this and wants to kill the doctor who did this to him when he was an innocent baby.

As for your family, tell them you wouldn't let anyone who is holding a knife around your baby let alone cut him with it. I remember being pregnant and thinking, "I've spent 9 months and all of my body's resources to grow this perfect child, you got another thing coming if you think I'm letting anyone cut him." I am an American woman and this heightened awareness of the evils of circumcision is not common here, though people are becoming more aware and educated thank goodness.


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