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Re: Response: 2 anyajb73
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Response: 2 anyajb73


First of all, you missed the entire purpose of my post.

I don’t think I missed the entire purpose of your post because I didn’t understand the purpose of it to begin with and I still don’t but that’s beside the point it really doesn’t matter what I think.  

Next, the reason I came back was because I was thinking about Lauray. Is that OK to think about her from time to time? She is still in my prayers and I still feel bad for the way she was treated on this website. I remembered that she had one lonely R message some time ago and was wondering what it said. So, curiosity got the best of me and I looked it up. Then after reading it, I realized that her R post was where the RRR post got the information. It hit me that the RRR post had taken the words of Lauray and twisted it to make her look bad. I feel bad that this post was written at all let alone given RRR to humiliate her more. The RRR message makes it sound like Lauray got on disability by dishonest means and that she really does not need to be on it. After reading Lauray's original message, I could see what happened. I thought, I am going to check and see if the nasty RRR message about her is still there. It was. Then I thought, I should post what I saw was going on to help prevent further misinformation and unnecessary humiliation of Lauray. I knew I couldn't reach everyone, but if it helped just one person to see the truth about Lauray it was worth the post.

Yes of course it’s ok that your thinking about Lauray and it’s good of you to keep her in your prayers she sure needs it.  The point I was trying to make was that you brought the whole thing up again by posting in this 55 day old thread, now Lauray might come back and see it all over again and thinking about that fact, I shouldn’t have responded to you at all.  So I’ll try to keep it short.  Lulu was only using Lauray’s post to say she thought that’s what started this whole idea of supporting someone’s water fast that has an ED which is what this thread is about it’s not about Lauray.  I think your the only one who thought Lulu’s RRR message was about Lauray and her disability problem, that didn’t even phase me when I read it.  I imagine the reason why her post got RRR is because it spoke the truth regarding the behavior of another member and just how nasty that other member has been to many on this forum.  Lulus long RRR post had one tiny paragraph of one of Laurays posts to make her point but the rest of her post was written to another member entirely her name was Anyajb. Anyone who reads Lauray’s posts will see the truth about Lauray for themselves, she is a very sick girl who needs help but refuses it.  I hope one day she can heal herself.

Now Willow, I see that you do not understand the power of friendship, however, I bet a bunch of your friends will read this post and click on "disagree with this message." Then they will go to your message and click on "agree with this message." Hmm. Does that clicking make my post wrong and yours right? And, dear, dear Willow I wonder why so many people kept asking Lauray to get professional help when she made it very clear that she was in professional help from a variety of professionals. Hmm, could that also be the power of friendship even though it was a very rude thing to do. She needed all the help she could get and she was denied that from this website by a group of friends who considered themselves wiser with more self esteem that the rest of us. I still can't see that it made it right. I saw the group as "discouragers pretending to be concerned." Lauray wanted to fast to heal her body from a very serious digestion problem, to heal her chronic anxiety and depression, and to be delivered from food addiction. She read in the fasting literature that other's had accomplished this by fasting. Why did you and your friends discourage her from this form of healing? She was obviously not anorexic as her posts showed that she was worried about becoming too thin during fasting. This is not the thought process of an anorexic person. She did take enemas, but remember she has a serious digestive problem. She wanted to be healed and healthy. I was concerned about her fasting so often but they were short fasts so she may have been doing the right thing there too. Also, if you remember, Fonty had the same fasting pattern. even though his purpose in fasting was different than hers. He was trying to lose weight. She wanted healing. I followed his fasting diary on another website and it was a very similar fasting pattern. He even admitted it on one of his posts here at curezone. No one criticized him. The power of friendship? Hmm mm. Fonty did have a lot of friends here.

I don’t believe for one minute people give agree or disagree messages due to friendship.  I click the agree button when I agree with the content of said post, very rarely do I click a disagree button but if I do it’s because I strongly disagree with the content of said post.  Friendship has absolutely nothing to do with it.  Now let me back up for a minute because there might be those who do it because of friendship but I would bet the majority of us choose the content of a message over friendship.  And no, clicking on agree or disagree does not make said post right or wrong, it’s just what it says you agree or you disagree it’s as simple as that.  I’m sorry you feel the way you do about  a group of members who were “discouragers pretending to be concerned.”  It seems you have taken everything here the wrong way, what Lauray was doing was very dangerous and to encourage her to continue on the path she was on would have been remiss.  Nobody here wants to be responsible for the death of someone fasting with an ED due to our encouragement.  All posts to Lauray were given out of GENUINE CONCERN, I’m sorry you can’t see that.   Anyway enough said on this subject, like I said I shouldn’t have replied

What does Lauray posting under another user name have to do with the issue? I only know of two that she used. I don't have time to read all posts so if there are more I don't know about it. Why do you feel it important that I know about her other user names? As far as I know she no longer posts here at curezone.

I thought since you were so concerned about her you might want to post to her under her new ID that’s all.



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