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Re: No no no
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: No no no

Frstly you are wrong, Lauray has 2 posts with Rs, I just looked, go look yourself And that is not bad, considering she usually just blogs about her own experiiences rather than give others support. I mean  Fonty wh you say had lots of friends only had 6 Rs, and he was onthe  Water Fasting Support Forum for years giving support left right and center. Of course people will get friends and R messages, if they give support. Most people don't get any Rs. So it is unfair to make Lauray out to be a victim or anything by saying she only has one R. I's simply not true and it is completely irrelevent.

Secondly it is probably no coincidence that those words came from one of Lauray's R posts. It's just that people are more inclined to read them. So when we have a thread trying to make out that Lauray does not have an eating disorder, Lulu was very sensible in pointing out to Lauray that she DID have an eating disorder. Lauray's own words were:

"I became sicker due to food addiction... which doctors and hospitals and psychiatric treatment programs refused to recognize as the real source of the problem"

Lulu put that point across well. I have no idea what her "disability" money is about, don't eben unerstand that system, I doubt if anyone else read anything into that. And the 3Rs are there, well... don't they always stay there? Why should they change? I guess you could always write to the webmaster saying that lauray shouldn't have had a RRR message coriticizing her because she is a nice person, but I doubt he would do anything.

"I see that you do not understand the power of friendship, however, I bet a bunch of your friends will read this post and click on "disagree with this message." Then they will go to your message and click on "agree with this message"

That's nonsense! People generally agree or disagree with a message based upon it's content, not who they are friends with. I just added my agreement to that RRR post, making 8/10. And of course I will disagree with yours, because I think you are completely wrong. Or maybe I won't bother, because it is so obvious. Oh go on, I'll make your day and agree with you.

"She needed all the help she could get and she was denied that from this website by a group of friends who considered themselves wiser with more self esteem that the rest of us"

Not true. Lauray has been there for years, and she has never accepted support. All she does is write long disturbing blogs and specifically tell people she doesn't want replies. Go and look at that R post you spoke about...

"****PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS PART OF MY POST****...I have a fear that my body will enter a crazed out of control healing mode and cause me to refuse food for so long that I die. I am afraid of the skeletal state I may in future fasts have to reach to attain healing... I am afraid even to talk about reaching this state, for fear of shaming panicky ignorant responses I may get from readers of this post ... Please, to all who read, please do NOT RESPOND TO THIS PART OF MY POST"

It's not surprising people were telling her to get professional help. She really needs it. I am really surprized you cannot see that.

Anyway, she can't be much of a friend to you if you don't know if she posts on Curezone now.

Just take a look at this person, who is blogging, as an example

She wants to fast for 147 out of the 157 days leading up till Independence day (she'll take a few breaks - e.g. for a slap up meal at v day though)

Only one comment so far...

"This sounds rather extreme - more like anorexia than cleansing. Your body needs nutrients. Just one opinion..."

In your view, does that mean that the person commenting is not the poster's "friend"?


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