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Re: God Heals My Cancer with Prayer+Herbs+Diet

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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: God Heals My Cancer with Prayer+Herbs+Diet

This is Marilyn, and yes, that list of herbs and diet with juicing the organic carrots/celery resulted in all my tests being clear.

You'll read how I had a vision of the glory of the Lord and His love for me thrilled me so much!! I never dreamed He could love someone who once failed Him terribly, like that! He is incredible!!

Okay, two people prayed for me, and I felt it going thru me. Praise the Lord! That helps much. Others just prayed and prayed for me. Good to have people praying.

I had started a colon cleansing program, which a sickle cell patient had let me borrow from him. That had me on cloud nine..Dr.Natura, it's on the Internet.

I also, at the day of diagnosis, began drinking purified water, and now drink spring water. You can look up things about pure water, and decide how to get yours.

I also began walking, beginning at 15 minutes/day and working up to an hour a day.
That keeps weight and depression away! Yippee. It gives me such a positive outlook on the day. That is so important. Depression comes from the abuse I suffered as a child and as an adult. Thank God, I am abuse-free...I am so grateful.

The diet was a total change from how I ate, and I could hardly stand changing over like that, with my daughters eating pizza and hot pockets every day!

Now, however, I love it. I get sick if I eat the SAD (standard American diet, lol). was fun doing something just for me, after raising seven kids and staying home for 25 years.

So, enjoy! Enjoy the love of the Lord, your new life, all the changes, the outside (if not actually fresh..ha ha) air! To read about the love of God, oh, read the Psalms. So good!!

Write me for encouragement, if you want to. Praise God, I love His snow, His birds, His insects...this diet/herbs will help cleanse your system and give you a new, positive outlook eventually. Not on day one, but you will get there. And I had a terribly verbally mean offspring at home at the time. God lifted me above and beyond by His grace.

I also lost about 40 lbs on this diet/herbs. Then, I lost more. Enzymes in rejuvelac (sproutman's type) and walking daily help much.

Okay, really long, sorry!!

Lord, help those who need to go this way, get started and stay on track, until healing has occurred. Oh, I pray they will then stay anti-cancer and organic, so they can stay well. Bless them and strengthen them, by Your grace. You love a sinner like me, forgiven of SO much, Yeshua, Jesus in English, paid it all for us. Thank YOU, Lord!! In His Name (Yassua in Arabic), praises and amen.



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