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testing Neem
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Published: 9 years ago

testing Neem

Hi, I have been reading these forums off and on for about 2 years, this is my first post. I suffered from folliculitus of the scalp for 8 years. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how I could have gotten this skin disease. Sometime in my youth when I was in college, people borrowed my hair clippers without my permission, the clippers then infected were used on my scalp, the blade was damaged and my hair was shaved off and would sometimes cut (bleeding) the scalp. Once the bacteria got into the blood in the scalp the infection began showing up almost a year later.

Immediately I began to see dermatologists throughout the years (9 different) who really didn’t have a clue how it happened….all they said was to continue to treat it and it would get better. So I started putting the poison into my body, different antibotics/accutane, creams etc. , at the time I didn’t believe that their would be any serious side effects for using Antibiotics . I needed them to completely clear my scalp when the infection was out of hand. In time my condition improved. I would only need antibotics every 4-5 months with normal hair growth. I used only antibacterial soap to wash my hair. Sometimes it felt like it flared up depending on the seasons. I began having serious stomach problems, I would feel tired and sick throughout the day, this went on for nearly 4-5 years, but I felt trapped. Nothing could rid it except the Antibiotics (ciproflaxin) and creams. The clyndomicin lotion was very effective but it also caused severe diarrhea and stomach pains with long term use. I began to give up believing that I would have this condition for life.

I came across this forum one day and had read Rot’s posts about the use of Isopropyl alcohol. I began applying it to the scalp night/morning and was very effective. The folliculitus could not completely grow outside of the scalp, it would dry up and disappear. However it still grew under the skin because I could feel the bumps. This temporary solution however saved me from taking the Antibiotics /creams. My health was improving because of it, so Rot, wherever you are, thanks!!!

Neem is a tree that is grown in parts of India and is used as a major ingredient for ayuvedic medicine. Here is some info:

I began researching Neem and even read people’s experience with the plant, it was known to cure many different skin diseases, also used as an effective pecticide (head lice etc.). Although skeptical, I was open to anything and all ideas. I tried a bar of Neem soap (green). You

should be able to purchase the soap from an international store/shop and online. Many different brands and mixtures, find one consisting of or having higher concentration of Neem is important.

The procedure to apply is as follows:

When I shower I would wet the hair then apply the Neem soap on scalp and face (effective for acne). Let it stay wet and sink into the skin for 10-15 mins minimum while your scrubbing. Towards the end of your shower rinse off your hair/face. Do this everyday for 2 months, after you should start seeing some results.

I just updated this part. I want to continue testing application of the actual Neem leaves/soap for a year before I post any results. The name of the soap I got was I believe NEEM (brandname) soap (green soap).The grounded leaves we actually got from friends in India. For me it seems to be effective on reducing some of the growth. I will give it another year or 8 months to see the final result. I posted this too early without giving it enough time, seems like some of the folliulitus is still growing under the skin, flared up again, still much less than before. I will experiment with the ground leaves for a few months and provide an update.

Please keep all your clippers and shaving items disinfected at all times, had I done this 8 years ago I wouldn’t have this problem.

Everyone has a different condition, my folliculitus may have been mild compared to other folks. What is important in fighting this disease is being open to all the different remedies and actually TRY EVERYTHING.

Take care,



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