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Juicing is saving my life part one / day 5 (long) Views: 3,328
Published: 15 years ago

Juicing is saving my life part one / day 5 (long)

O.K. I’m not too sure how to begin but I feel the strong need to let people here know about my story.

I’ll start off with a little history. I’m a 29 year old male, 130lbs at 5’10” In other words I’m very skinny, no fat at all. About 6 years ago is when I started to get sick. Although as hard as I might, I cannot list everything I’ve gone though. There is just too much. The main points were hives, AKA skin rashes via an “allergic” reaction. At first I was told I allergic to exercise, as that was what made me break out. I stopped working out and the hives did not come back. Great doctor and great advice right??? Yea….

So, the next summer, I forgot all about the rashes, I got another bike and started to bike again, the rashes came back so again I stopped biking. This time there was no escape. The hived started to come everyday. It appeared to be ties to emotional stress, then foods than chemicals ect… Next I lost motivation, became depressed, my Acne got about 4 times worse. For me, it just means really oily skin. Next it was dandruff. At this point about two years after being told I was allergic to exercise, I had to go to another doctor. I had ins. At this time so it was not too bad. The doc, a skin doctor, gave me anti-histamines to keep the hives down. I did not believe it would work and told her so but she insisted. I tried and it helped a lot, bottom line was I was very desperate. So She made me go see a doctor about hypothyroid problems. The tests were inclusive with certain level height that should not have been but their was another something witch had to be very low for a thyroid problem and it was just fine so I was told to go see a another specialist. That ended that. Especially after I found out what they would have done to my if they thought I did have an overactive thyroid!

So about two years of zertec and clairtin for hives, live keeps trucking on. Only now I’m loosing weight, feeling like I’m dying and have no way out. I’m starting to think I have a serious unfound problem that is going to cripple or kill me soon… Mentally, I prepared for the worst. After all, based on how I feel, I was justified. Even the respected medical community can help me so I must be SOL.

This brings me to the last leg of history; the past two years I’ve suffered these symptoms, plus now nerve damage. I wake up in middle of the night every night and my arms would be numb from the elbow down. Usually only the inside including the pinky and finger next to it. I cant sit in chairs as my legs go numb pins needles ect… the symptoms are always changing but one this is always the same, its getting worse every day.

Now I found curezone about two years ago and fell in love with the idea of cleanses. I wanted to do liver cleanse but never did not lost interest, their was too much information for me to process, all these cleanses and supplements ect.. So I just forgot about it.

I don’t remember how I got to curezone again or how I got to the juicing pages???? What I do know is that I decided to try juicing as I have no other options. There was an article I think came from here. A lady was explaining about her little brother Joe and how she was able to help him with juicing but he did not stick with it. She had a paragraph about people just like Joe reading that and that maybe it would help them. Well, I’m very much like Joe. Minus 10 years, some problems and the drinking. I hope she reads this because it was her story that made up my mind… the results, as I’m sure you know is nothing short of amazing! All this and I’m only 5 days in!

Now for the good part, I got a cheap juicier, just temp until I can get a good one. And I found the nearest whole foods store. I know I still have to be very careful, but I can get organic veggies to juke their. I started to juicing once a day, about two cups. I use Celery and carrots for the staple and play around with adding others for flavor, effects ect… This was fun when I juiced one of those White carrots…… can anyone say Daikon radish??? Very spicy but good too.

Let me mention here that I’ve never eaten well. Fast food pizza, nothing, gallon of mile in one day… then lots of undercooked beef… you get the point. Now, I’m eating organic whole grain cereal in the morning, sometime a bad lunch, (not organic just normal food) then I juice when I get home and my dinners are becoming raw and or organic. Lots of beans, rice, seeds, ect.. I’m just staring so it is hard for me to come up with good things to make.

Lastly I want to share some of the good effects that I’ve felt in my five days of just adding juicing to my schedule;

1. My Acne is clearing so fast it hurts. I had one of those “lupus” like butterfly rashes over the crown of my noise, going going gone!
2. I no longer wake up in the night with limbs numb or tingling! Even if I wake up and see that I’m sleeping on my arm like always. I can believe this! So fast!!!
3. although my food intolerances can be summed up like this, if it came from the ground, I can eat it, if it did not scream when killed, I cant eat it. If it is not cooked, I can’t eat it. So the first time I juiced I took Claritin to keep away the rashes, I broke out bad that day. Since then, in the past four days I’ve not taken any medicine and none of my juicing had made me breakout.
4. Energy! This again is a miracle. All day I feel alive! I’m happy, smiling for no reason, and for the first time in years actually feel as if I’m not dying!
5. I failed to mention about my shoulders. Because I have always slept on my arms I tent to have shoulder that want to pop out of socket. This has been happening for about 10 years no… longer. It happens about once a year. Usually they go back themselves but the last time it was out for 4 hours and I had to go to the hospital. They almost broke it trying to get it in. I was told I need surgery. Well, although too soon to tell, I can say that I feel they are better I have more movement with out the normal feeling like it going to pop. And speaking of popping, The past three month my joints have been popping like crazy, this too has stopped!

There is probably more but I should stop as this is getting long. I do want to mention that at this point I feel I need to go to the next level. Cut out more bad foods, quit smoking, and juice more. I want to start kidney, then gallbladder / Liver Cleanses to rid of stones. I need to go slow as I feel I have a lot of detoxification going on and I need to rid it slowly.
Lastly I need to mention dental issues, not only do I have 4 metal fillings, but I have major decay and one completely missing. The base is still there and is probably infected beyond belief. The past three months or so, all my teeth are loose! This is a huge problem for me and I know I need to take of it but its money and no insurance that is stopping me. Besides, I thought that I must have M.D. , M.S., or something worse so I figured I’d have to give all my money to doctors and not dentists. Thanks to curezone, I think I’m healthy just poisoned and that can be reversed.

I will keep updateing as I want to share with those that might be in the same place I was / am. I’m not out of the woods yet but there is not hope


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