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Re: When Juicing Inorganic Produce
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: When Juicing Inorganic Produce

I am sending you this extract from his book for your personal evaluation. As I said, I want to hope it works.

God bless.

There is a little-known fact regarding the effect of pesticides on our vegetables and fruits, which should be given much publicity in these times. We have been able to determine that pesticides and sprays may be injurious in the consumption of vegetables and fruits, it is the FIBERS of such foods that collect these toxins. The enzymes, atoms and molecules are allergic to them. The following will be found useful as a guide in the use of properly extracted juice. Fruits and vegetables grown in devitalized soil, or improper composting and fertilization will be deficient in vital factors.
The lack of nutrients in the food will correspond in proportion to the deficiency of nutrients in the soil.
Furthermore, under the very best soil conditions the use of sprays and pesticides will enter into the plants and roots but will be completely absorbed by the fibers of the plants and roots. The plants will continue to grow and thrive not because of these toxins, but in spite of them. Why? Because the enzymes, atoms and molecules will continue to carry on their work without interruption in spite of the poison saturated fibers.
The question arises: How to get the enzymes, atoms and molecules from our vegetables without using the poisoned fibers? After all these enzymes, atoms and molecules are the nourishing elements we require. The fibers have virtually no nourishing value.
The answer is simple: When vegetables are correctly triturated (pulverized ) the cells of the fibers are split open and these elements released. It is important to note that these elements are as allergic to toxins as oil is to water. Therefore they will regain their Virgin Virtue by not mixing with the triturated (pulverized) fibers.
By squeezing this triturated (pulverized) pulp through proper straining material, the enzymes, atoms and molecules in the juices are extracted from the fibers and the toxins with which they are saturated. Therefore, we have found our answer on how to avoid being afflicted by the pollution which has infested food products throughout our Nation.
However, our use of the electric triturator (which is a device that pulverizes) and hydraulic press does not rule out the use of centrifugal machines. While it is recognized that by centrifugal action we cannot extract ALL of the enzymes, atoms and molecules, nevertheless, the use of a filter in the centrifugal extractor prevents the fibers from mixing with the extracted juice. We can thus obtain a juice which is free from the poison-saturated fibers.
The appliance known as a Liquefier or Blender is not practical for the extraction of juices. Its action merely cuts up the vegetables as fine as desired, but the pulp is still present in its entirety.
We use blenders in our kitchen to make dressings, desserts, etc., for which purpose they are admirably suited.
In our choice of vegetables and other foods, we shop at whatever market or supermarket has the freshest and best quality vegetables and other foods, and at the Health Food Stores. We always shop for quality. There is no substitute for quality at any price, and if the cost is higher, it is both safer and more economical in the long run.
Furthermore, not only has the vibrations of our food been raised to its' highest nutritional point, but our Blessings have been multiplied beyond what we think we deserve. We pass them on to you...."

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