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Re: Herpes and MMS
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Herpes and MMS

Hello Shivanirvana,

While I disagree with Jim Humbles approach to treating Herpes, I do agree that it is very difficult to deal with.

You may want to consider a little different approach.

First of all, I have found that the 28% Miracle-Mineral-Supplement solution is hazardous to handle, and subsequently gone to using a 5% solution. One of our group made the mistake of touching his eye right after closing the drop spout on the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement bottle. We ended up with an emergency situation and an eye that felt like it was on fire. Since sodium chlorite can cause blindness, we took this situation very seriously. It all turned out well in the end. We happened to have an eye wash station close by and copious flushing cleared things up.

Ever since this incident, we have added extra precautions when handling the 28% solution, and have chosen to work with a much safer 5% solution. You still have to be careful when handling the 5% solution, but it is much safer to use.

The 28% (by weight) solution is actually 22.4% sodium chlorite. A 5% solution can be made from the 22.4% solution by simple dilution. One part 22.4% solution mixed with 3.48 parts water with yield 4.48 parts of 5% solution.

Keep in mind that the following instructions all refer to using 5% sodium chlorite.

I think it is best to consider a global approach when dealing with Herpes. Let's look at a time sequence starting with an outbreak.

At the time of an outbreak, you will want to treat everything that comes into contact with the Herpes. This includes underwear, bath towels, night clothes, sheets, and so on. Mix up a solution containing 10 ml of 5% sodium chlorite activated with 10 ml of 10% citric acid . Let the activation continue for 5 minutes, then dilute with 500 ml of water. During the laundry cycle, add 250 ml of this solution in place of using bleach.

Caution: I have not had any "bleaching" issues using this solution in the laundry, but you may want to check it first to prevent any damage to your laundry. Our washing machine has a place where you put bleach and then it introduces it to the laundry at the correct time. I just pour 250 ml into the container and let the machine add it to the laundry.

Next, you need to use the same solution you just mixed up as a topical application. Saturate a cotton ball and hold it in contact with the Herpes break out area on your skin for 1 minute, then discard the cotton ball. We are looking for contact, not rubbing. If the outbreak area is large, you may have to use two cotton balls at a time. You want to cover the whole area and hold the solution in contact for the whole minute.

The next step is to repeat this 5 more times. This will give you a total contact time of 6 minutes.

In many cases, we are seeing the outbreak disappear with one treatment, but sometimes it takes two treatments. I usually suggest waiting 4 hours, or more, between treatments, but there are no hard fast rules on this. With oral outbreaks, I have seen people go from outbreak with blisters oozing to healed with only a slight redness remaining in the area in two hours.

Now if you want to supplement this topical treatment with something internal, you can use the 1 PPM concentration that Jim Humble claims to have had 100% success with when working with malaria. Once again using the 5% sodium chlorite solution, put 1 ml of 5% sodium chlorite in a glass and add 1 ml of 10% citric acid . Let the activation continue for 5 minutes, then dilute with 1 liter of water. Sip on this throughout the day.

No guarantees that this will kill all of the Herpes in your body, but it does seem to offer a speedy recovery from an outbreak.


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