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Re: It Might Be Too Late
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: It Might Be Too Late

There is no way anyone can know all of the sides. And the stupid thing about Conspiracy theories is that someone picks a point, then picks out a whole bunch of crap off the internet to support it. The facts might be true, but are taken way out of context. Reminds me of bible thumping. I have yet to see one theory that is entirely objective... normally the people are ranting and raving about something or other.

Anyway even if its all true... so what. What are you gonna do about it? What can you do about it? And what difference will it make?

Is anyone here absolutely debt free... I know I am. I was taught at a very young age that when you spend more than you earn there are gonna be problems. I used to tell my mom just to go to the machine and get some more money... and thats when she taught me about bills, work, and whatnot.

And even if america is fully in debt... big deal. And its not gonna turn into a 3rd world nation, and no one is gonna be slaves. The infrastructure is already here, and its not going away anytime soon.

Part of the problem started when the banks gave large loans to people who were not able to pay them back. Everyone all of a sudden was able to afford a 400 thousand house. And guess what... the value of a regular 150 thousand dollar house went up to 400 hundred thousand. Not because it was worth any more, but because every person could now afford to pay a half million and everyone was willing to put themselves in life long debt to pay it off (what a great investment). But guess what, many of those people who couldnt pay their debts... and didnt. And as we all know one million dollars becomes 10 million through the loan game. And it works perfectly fine, as long as all people pay their debts... but when enough people buck the system its gonna crash, and that is what happened. This is why banks used to set a high bar for lending money. Infact the system can build a nation very quickly because it allows for more capital to flow. For some reason though, certain banks got greedy. And now those institutions have failed, and are now gonna be wiped out... and their CEOs will be labeled as stupid. Perfect IMO.

I dont even wanna get started on derivatives...

Here is the real deal. Everything tangible already exists... there is no denying it. Factories, roads, refineries, cities, populations, and all that already exists. The only stuff standing in the way is the non-tangible... IE ownership, debt, investments, and prices of stuff. So whats going to happen is alot of people will lose alot of their investments... and alot of people in debt will lose their homes. And alot of people are going to have their debts forgiven. Everyone is going to have to take on some of the debt burden and dig the country out. In response the government will go back to the old banking rules which worked, aswell the government will keep the banks on a tighter leash for their arrogance.

As for arrogance... this is something that is no longer tolerated in todays world. Tobacco, Oil, Banking, and Major industry are often very arrogant. It is reminiscent of the English Empire. And these institutions whose back bone is arrogance, now get burned. Only institutions that act with integrity get ahead. It is happening with tobacco, it is happening with the banks, it is happening with oil, it is happening with the medical industry, it is happening everywhere. And only the industries that act with integrity will see past the next 20 years. And there is no way to stop it.

The world is not coming to an end... it might look like it, but in alot of ways a birth looks like a death. The world is getting better, and alot of change for the better is going to happen in the next 20 years.

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