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How To Shield Radio Frequencies Like Project Blue Beam
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Published: 14 years ago

How To Shield Radio Frequencies Like Project Blue Beam

First off I’m not an expert on Radio Waves. I’ve just been researching how to counteract radio frequencies like Project Blue Beam would put out for the last two weekends, so I may be off on some of this, but I think it's right.


What Low Frequencies Sound Like
I just thought you might first like to hear what low frequencies sound like. I think it would driver me crazy after a while, especially if it was loud. Extremely low frequencies can’t be heard though.  


After my research I believe some form of a Faraday Cage is the best way to eliminate Radio Frequencies. They create an area where the frequencies can’t get through and get grounded to the ground, like what happens when you get struck by lightening in a car.


You can read some info on shielding at the next three links if you like.
Wikipedia On Electromagnetic Shielding:  


This Is A Youtube Video With A Science Teacher Demonstrating How Faraday Cages Work With Electrical Charges And AM Radio Frequencies  


Notice how his cage blocks AM frequencies that are broadcast at 5.35KHz-1605KHz, (That’s low for frequencies) but notice it didn’t block his wireless mic which broadcasts at a higher frequency? Let me explain.


For radio frequencies, the lower the frequency, the larger or longer the wave. The frequencies put out by those sub-woofers in cars (The ones that boom, boom, boom) can’t be heard in the car because a wave at 100 hertz is about 10 feet long. The wire mesh in that video had pretty large squares in it, (It looked like ½ inch to 1 inch squares) so it will only blocked lower frequencies. As a result his cage will block all frequencies that are lower than approximately 1600 kilohertz. To block higher frequencies, the mesh has to be smaller. The mesh has to be around 20% smaller than the frequency you want to block. Also for a Faraday cage to provide maximum protection, it has to be grounded. It will provide protection without being grounded but not nearly as well. It will act more like a reflector.


When looking for a mesh you want higher conductivity and a higher permeability material. You also want the highest squares per inch. 400 squares per inch is the highest I’ve found.


It also turns out shielding yourself from Radio Frequencies is good for your health weather Project Blue Book is up and running or not.  


Since apparently they can single out an individual, group or thing to harass with radio frequencies,  it would be best to be able to cancel that possibility in case you happen to be on their list.


This first link sells material that are designed to be used in your clothing and will shield you from up to 18GHz frequencies. The frequency for various radio broadcasts goes up to 108MHz. Microwaves are from 3GHz-300GHz, so I would think, unless they're crazier than I thought, they would have to broadcast below 3GHz or they would be turning the Earth into a microwave and everything would die.


Supposedly during Desert Storm they mixed in UHF frequencies (300MHz-3GHz) along with FM radio frequencies (88 MHz -108 MHz) and broadcast these “Silent Sounds” to the Iraqi soldiers and caused them to surrender.  Here’s a quote from the article:




Since UHF frequencies are 300MHz-3GHz and this material blocks up to 18 GHz, it should be able to block ALL their Silent Sound crap and any Extra Low Frequencies (ELF) they might use in Project Blue Book or in any other plan they may come up with, in my opinion.


OK, so on to the materials:


EMF Shielding & Conductive Fabrics (This is the site I like best so far)
This first link just has the mesh and a grounding devise that you plug into a grounded outlet. (Otherwise you have to drive a metal rod 2-3 feet deep into the ground and connect to that.) The material can be used to either make your own clothes or to make a Faraday cage.  


This link has pre-made clothing you can buy from the same site.  


FAQ About EMF Shielding
At The Same Site:  


Another Site That Sells Various RF Products  


A Site That Sells Silver Coated Nylon Yarns, Flock And Fibers:
Might also be good for anti-bacterial purposes too?  



A couple of other sites that sell shielding for buildings and such.

 Electromagnetic Radio Frequency (RF) Shielding for Buildings, Metallized Fabrics


SHIELDING SOLUTIONS (A site for radiation shielding)  



Here’s My Maybe Category: These devises “may” provide help.


Aluminum Foil
I’ve heard about aluminum foil being used, (tin foil hats) but I’ve read mixed reports about it, so who knows. I think maybe the tin foil hats may provide minimal help and maybe the foil at this next site may work.


This site says its foil is good for shielding microwaves. I think they use this stuff in microwaves don’t they? So it may work.
Aluminum Foil Tape (Made to shield microwaves)  



Tin Foil Hats
They may work for lower frequencies at less intense powers. (Make sure it covers your ears at least) It appears a nickel, iron or stainless steel hat would be 100-200 times better. You could theoretically get up to 1,000,000 times better. Read further down in this post for more info on this.  


Here’s The Same Site On Faraday Cages:  


Here’s the same site on Electromagnetic shielding:  


And Wiki on tin foil hats:  


Why can't you use lead or copper or aluminum foil for magnetic shielding?  
In the strictest sense, magnetic shielding is not truly shielding at all. Unlike the way a lead shield stops X-rays, magnetic shielding materials create an area of lower magnetic field in their vicinity by attracting the magnetic field lines to themselves. The physical property which allows them to do this is called "permeability".
Unlike X-rays, sound, light or bullets, magnetic field lines must travel from the North pole of the source and return to the South pole. Under usual circumstances, they will travel through air, which by definition has a permeability of "1". But if a material with a higher permeability is nearby, the magnetic field lines, efficient creatures that they are, will travel the path of least resistance (through the higher permeability material), leaving less magnetic field in the surrounding air.
Here's how the permeabilities of some common materials compare:
Air ......... 1
Copper ...... 1
Aluminum .... 1
Tin ......... 1
Lead ........ 1
Nickel ............ 100
Commercial Iron ... 200
Stainless Steel ... 200
MagnetShield ...... 4000
Magnetic Shielding Alloys* ....... 20,000+
Annealed MetGlas ................. 1,000,000
* such as Magnetic Shielding Foil, Mag-Stop Plates, and Joint-Shield
Now it is easier to see why a magnetic shield in the shape of an enclosure (sphere, box, tube, etc.) offers much better shielding than a flat shape or partial enclosure. A source within the shield will produce field lines which will travel through the air immediately surrounding the North pole until they reach the shield. Then traveling through the shield, they will emerge into the air surrounding the South pole and back to the source. Traveling through the low permeability air outside the shield does not offer any efficiency advantage! (Notice that the diagram to the right is a cut-away view of a tube shaped shield.)


Similarly, if the source of the field is outside of the enclosure, the magnetic field lines will travel through the material of the enclosure on their way back to the source, never finding it more efficient to permeate the air space inside the enclosure. For these reasons, enclosing either the source of the field, or the thing(s) that you wish to protect from the field, offers the most effective use of the shielding material, and is usually the most cost efficient as well!



Here’s My Who Knows Category:


I read at one of the next two sites that the way radio frequencies work is by heating up the ears and exciting the inner nerves and going straight to the brain that way. So it is most important to cover the ears with one of the materials from above, but they also said some people have been able to receive frequencies through different parts of the body. So just covering the ears may not work with Project Blue Beam. Who knows.


The Neurophone

This is supposed to produce calming effects by producing those type of frequencies that calm the brain. Good for meditation and such. I should probably get one anyway.  


This is kind of like one of those hand grenade orgone things. It’s a little chip you can carry in your pocket that’s good for about 40cms they claim.  


Orgone Generators (I think most here at this site know about these)  


Seawater And Quartz Crystals  



A Couple Of Other Things I Found While Doing This:
I always come across something I’m not even looking for while doing searches. I found a company working on a new type of clothing not yet on the market. It’s a massage fabric that gives you a massage while you wear it. Here’s the abstract on it.
“A flat composite fabric is provided by incorporating wire made of memory metal, or made of an alloy possessing shape memory properties into a flat fabric. By means of appropriate heating and cooling, e. g. electric heating, the composite fabric is contracted and released thereby providing a massaging effect.”


Some "interesting" electronic kits for various "projects" you may have:

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