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Re: Is my dentist right?

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Is my dentist right?

Tubules are the very reason dentists will literally drown the tooth in antibacterials as they do a root canal, which will flood those tubules and kill and remove the bacteria inside. Is it possible to miss some? Maybe. However, thats why the next step is to seal the tooth. So you have the outside surface of the tooth seal one side, and sealant to seal the other. This traps whatever theoretical bacteria are left behind. Cut bacteria off from its food supply and it will die. This is why root canals work.

I will not argue that the infection in the bone can heal. On the contrary, thats why you do a root canal treatment. This removes the source inside the tooth so the body can remove the infection from the bone.

Why does this work in the bone and not the tooth? Bone in the body has EXTENSIVE blood supply. The bone in your body is like a sponge, with blood running everywhere. However, a tooth has blood supply from one tiny area at the very tip of the tooth. This hole is only just large enough to supply nutrients to the tiny amount of nerve and tissue inside the tooth. The blood supply is not nearly large enough to allow enough immunity cells in to fight a large active infection AND to allow waste removal and pressure release.
There is a reason dentists have two different diagnoses for a tooth in pain. Reversible and irreversible pulpitis. Reversible is where only a small amount of bacteria got into the tooth and is starting to make the tooth sensitive, but the bulk of bacteria is still cut off from the nerve. Irreversible is where the bulk of the bacteria has invaded the pulp and nerve, so much that the body will not be able to fight it. Why do we make this distinction? Because clinical evidence supports the treatment differences.

"Fact is, most americans are sick, largely because of hexafluorosilicate anion's presence in the water, which is a systemic enzyme poison - different from mere fluoride ion, whose effect is topical. "
If you are going to make a bold statement like that, provide proof.

"Dentists who believe that nerves do not regenerate, are not up to snuff on the latest - nerves do regenerate, I have proof of that both in the literature, and in my mouth."

Absolutely nerves regenerate, elsewhere in the body, where they have adequate room to build cells to regenerate and a blood supply to support those nerves, AND the infection is gone. The tooth is too much of a confined space to provide for all those ideal situations.
Proof in your mouth? Why, because you no longer have pain? (means the nerve is dead) Or the bone has healed? (just shows that the body can heal the bone, not the infection in the tooth). How about the original path that the bacteria got into your tooth (the cavity)? If you have proof, show it. A lack of symptoms just proves the nerve is dead and for the moment the body is containing the bacteria inside the tooth..

Am I saying root canals are perfect? Absolutely not. But they are much better than leaving the tooth untreated, with multitudes more bacteria that are not sealed off. There is a reason a well done root canal is considered permanent. As long as you don't let it get reinfected from an outside source (recurrent decay) the root canal won't need to be redone. I have treated patients who visited the dentist regularly, caught recurrent decay early, and were able to replace the crown without needing to replace the root canal over a period of 30-40 years.

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