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Re: Andy...Here's some good info...
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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: Andy...Here's some good info...

The only fruit you're supposed to juice with veggies is apple. And we add apple
to a lot of our juice combinations. You just get so many health benefits from the

I've just mixed all kinds of juices and carrot has probably gone in every
single one of them. Let me give you a little background on what some juices can do.

Carrot is my all time favorite. And according to N.W. Walker ( a health 'nut' who
lived to be well over fact 119 they say and wrote many, many books on juicing) said that one pint of carrot juice taken daily has more constructive body
value than 25 pounds of calcium tablets. It's a natural solvent for ulcerous and
cancerous conditions. It helps you resist infections and just tons more things.
He says that carrot juice combined with spinach juice are the best thing you can take for the colon. "I'm" expecting it to ward off Osteoporosis. My sisters are popping those crazy pills that you have to keep walking around for 30 minutes after
you take so they don't burn a hole in your tummy...and I'm just out here drinking
my carrot and spinach juice. We'll see who stands straighter in 10 years. :-)

Celery is high in sodium, magnesium and natural iron. It's just priceless in my
book...will lower blood pressure...calm the nerves...flush the
eleminate carbon dioxide from our systems. We munch on raw Celery all the time if
we're just in a snacky mood.

Cucumber juice is supposed to be the best natural diuretic known to man. It's high in silica and potassium and is very good for our hair, nails, teeth and gums. Is
absolutely WONDERFUL for the put a little in your juice and splash a little on your face :-) Also very good to have in a bowl in the frig just to munch on.

Horseradish is good to dissolve mucous if you have a cold or sinus problem. I've
never juiced it myself...but I do cut a little piece off of the horseradish root
and just hold it in my mouth if I get congested.....that old sinus mucous just drains right on down and out....and then you're talking a blue streak to the love
of your life in no time :-)

Spinach is the most vital food for the entire digestive tract (stomach, duodenum, large and small intestines). It cleanses, and regenerates the whole intestinal
tract. It's packed with chlorophyll and is just about the most beneficial and healing juice there is. I mix it with almost all of our carrot juice.

There's just tons more good info...but I'm running late. If you're really in to should check ebay for the N.W. Walker books...or just get them at
your health food store...they're very reasonable....about $7 and about the best
health books you can get anywhere...just crammed with info on juicing and raw foods
and what each one does...and all about the benefits of nuts and sprouting...I just
can't say enough good things about the N.W. Walker books. And they're written so
simple a small school child could understand them.

I get so tickled when these people on curezone answer a post and they spout off all
these big words....trying to look 'educated' I guess...and I think...a person would
have to be pretty healthy already and free from all brain fog to even know what
they have just read that was COPIED right out of a book or website. :-)

WHATEVER!!! It takes all kinds to make the world go round. Hope some of this has
helped Andy...and I hope you get the N W Walker books....he has several...I have them all...but a few of my favorites are:
Become Younger...just full of good advice for daily living and eating.
Diet And Salad...full of good info on just about every food item known to man and
what it will do for each organ in the body...priceless!!!
Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices...tons of good juicing info and other info on
healing the body of what ails you.
You just can't go wrong with any of his books...I buy them just to give away...
they're wonderful.

Have a great day, Andy...and just yell if you have any more questions. kathryn said your spinach leaves were big...I buy the baby just be
your own judge...a good small handful at a glass of juice. You just have
to get these Walker books...they just have every little thing you could ever want
to know about juicing and it's benefits...even recipe combinations for ailments.

ALSO...I just remembered you were battling liver are you doing?
What is your prognosis? Are you doing chemo, etc? Do you mind saying how old
you are and were you in fairly good health before the liver cancer developed?
I want to help you if I can...and the more info you can give me the better. If
you don't want to answer any of these questions, it's ok. ok..gotta get for now..
busy, busy day...but I'll check back later today...tootles, kathryn


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