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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Bye

Hey Juno, here's the protocol I was talking about. If you can follow this perfectly your lips will most likely be in better shape than mine, I haven't been able to completely stick to this regimen for more than 2-3 days without cheating. I notice a huge difference since I started and my lips looked perfect during those 2-3 days. A surprisingly big step is eating a LEAFY salad for breakfast, it helps a lot. Even when I just loosely follow the protocol it makes a world of difference. Just do what you can and watch what happens..\\ Btw, good luck with everything. Glad to see your working on making progress and trying yer own thing, its a refreshing change, this forum could use more people like you around. Respect ;D Btw, hope everything goes well with the soon to be Gf ;D


donkeyhoe... T ,hate to break it to ya buddy but you got banned for being borderline retarded, I find it funny that you think yer smart enough to fool people when you can even put a proper sentence together. Don't even bother responding plz, just like everyone else on this forum I couldn't care less what you have to say. For the record I had nothing to do with you getting banned from CZ, why would I care if I'm leaving.. yer clearly not too bright.. do everyone a favor and stay away you jack@s$

GOG, just FYI I'm not offended; that post wasn't directed towards me. I do lose respect for people easily though, especially when you say you want to "hook up" with 10941 (presumably a guy) so he can get the "cock" roaches out of yer briefs and it would be like foreplay in hongkong whatever T F that means,,, sounds like some homo isht to me.. :O Sorry but if that's how geniuses talk smack then I'm glad to be an average guy lol there was no "critical witt" involved. IMO you have good vocab but other than that yer a geek/gay ?

I've been with women since I had EC just not in a relationship,, which I miss. What you said about relationships is true but for me I don't want to be with someone long term unless I feel I'm at my best,, once again FYI I have/had many health problems other than EC. I'm not going to bring someone into my life when it sucks ass lol, gladly things are starting to change.


juno, dhamma, bunny, rising,babyface, everyone else thanks for the kind word but honestly everytime I post something nowadays I wonder why. I'm just going to keep working on curing myself and if I do no doubt I'll come back and share it. I gotta stay away from this forum because I find nothing I'm saying is really getting through to ppl or helping at all,, I'm not making posts for myself lol.. plus I'm always getting into arguments or getting frustrated for some reason or another, I would rather just avoid it all and focus on positive goals. Its funny because you can quote me on this, if I'm cured, when I come back to share the news and show pics of 100% normal lips some jerk is going to say my lips were never bad. Then no one will try the protocol because it will be to much work :P I'm calling it.. watch.

the fact is the normal, good people barely post @ all. its understandable but it always the m*o*o*ns like DQ who flood and ruin the forum with trash posts. There is very limited productivity coming out of here, it would be great if CZ made 2 peeling lips forums, 1 ONLY for the normal peeps and leave all the $@&* heads in the other to talk trash. I'm dreaming.. haha

Anyways, good luck to you all, just some last advice, if you want to progress please don't overlook diet (clean food, food combining + lots of water), I rant on about pork and all that but just do what you can live with, don't worry about obsessing over organic or sauna sessions, just focus on slowly making small changes you can live with. Keep eliminate anything that makes you feel like shit after you eat it!! Note how you feel after eating meals!! FFS, this is a digestive problem, food worsens the condition and we probably wont ever heal without diet change. If you combine a clean diet & cardio with whatever you are testing (bicostules, lactoferrin or whatever) it can only be more effective. Give your body a fighting chance!@

eZ all


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