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Bob Pope
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Published: 12 years ago

Bob Pope

There are seven keys to being aligned with joy. These seven keys are:

1. Alignment with Self

This is the key to power and the access is authenticity. The real self loves and is powerful whereas the false self, puffed up by the ego as a result of self-rejection and fear, is controlling, manipulative and fearful. The foundation to living a healthy, powerful life, filled with joy begins with authenticity. This solid footing supports ongoing growth and development. The false self collapses under the pressure of spiritual refinement. When the SELF is aligned, the ego takes its proper place in servitude to spirit. The Self, being present, is powerful, in choice, and living life deliberately.

2. Alignment with Truth

This is the key to peace, happiness and freedom. The human mind adds meaning and value to every experience and when lacking truth, it will just make stuff up to justify and explain what happened. Being willing to give up the meanings and values (the truths) of the natural man and take on the higher meanings and values of the Spirit of Truth will bring joy. Good feelings are indicators of being aligned with truth. The movement from lesser truth to higher truths is the source of happiness. The truth shall set you free. The access to peace is in being aligned with reality.

3. Alignment with Integrity

Integrity is the state of being whole and complete. It is the key to having your life work. The access is honoring your word as your Self. You gain satisfaction, clarity and confidence in the direction your life is taking when you are aligned with integrity. As integrity you share from your experience and when you speak from experience you always speak the truth.

4. Alignment with Ethics

This is the key to goodness. The access is to have your mores and codes of conduct that you live your life from aligned with the innate, joy producing ethics arising from goodness. The burdening, embittering ethics that you adopted or were imposed upon you to make you good drop away. Understand that as your consciousness evolves to higher levels, the ethics you live your life by will also evolve and the amount of true joy and happiness you experience will be reflected in your goodness.

5. Alignment with Service

The key to prosperity is service. Here is the key for living in a beautiful world that is co-operative instead of competitive. You will experience the beauty of giving your gifts as an offering that will benefit and serve instead of selling your self as a slave for the love, affection and approval of another. You will be present to the contribution you are and the beauty added by the contributions of others.

6. Alignment with Purpose

This key brings great satisfaction by aligning your life, your gifts, talents, and desires with the will of God. Your primary purpose, to be present, deepens’, and as you realize your oneness with God, your values shift from the temporal to the eternal. The day to day experience of being truly happy is real when you are aligned with your divine purpose. Abundance flows through you and your life takes on a miraculous air of grace and ease. When you are aligned with purpose, your struggles of mortality are born with a faith and trust that is empowered from a higher, eternal perspective.

7. Alignment with Possibilities

This is the key to conscious co-creation with God, accessing the power to deliberately create the life you want; a life that is joyful, prosperous and meaningful. This key unlocks the limitations of your past and opens you to the limitless possibilities waiting your choosing. For with God, all things are possible.

Joy or misery, which one do you want to be aligned with. You choose.


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