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Re: Does anyone know of a way to locate implants in the body?
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Does anyone know of a way to locate implants in the body?

Wow, thanks for our reply, I will answer as truthfully as I know.

1. Reddish marks on back of neck - not that I can tell, but I get frequent weird crusty scab like things and lumps on my scalp that bother me. They come and go. I am going to a dermatologist next week for an unrelated problem, and I'm going to have them look at my scalp to see if they know what it is. I have been getting marks, like scratches appearing on my legs that I don't know how they get there. When I get these marks, they either take forever to fade, or never fade.

2. Dreams - yes, I have been plagued with ufo and beings dreams since I was a child. Far too many to list here, but I have recently started keeping a log of them of sorts. I have been contacted by both the good ones and the bad ones. Seems as if I have a connection to the good ones - they told me I was one of them and that I was on earth for a special mission/purpose of sorts and even though I don't remember, I agreed before I came into this body, to do this for them. I volunteered basically.

3. X-rays - yes. I have dense "thing" that has shown up in a neck x-ray and from what I can tell, it is either at the base of my neck and on the side, or high up on top of the shoulder. I have had two different chiropractors look at the x-rays and neither of them could tell what it was. I also have what feels like a bony growth just on the very inside of my nose, like if you were to to stick a finger in each nostrl and push them towards the middle, the very base/bottom part of the nose where there is supposed to be soft cartiledge only, I have a hard, roundish feeling thing there that feels like the size of a small pea. Asked a nurse practitioner I saw about it (she didn't look at it), but said that there should be nothing hard there. Last few days, I've been having a lot of nasal pressure feeling, like if I press midway up the bridge of my nose, it is sensitive, like if you got accidentally hit on the nose - now sensitive it is. Mild dizziness with it and mild headache. I do not get sinus infections and I do not have one now.

3. I do not get ill every 3 months or so, but have been ill for over 13 years now straight. I have numerous autoimmune disorders including systemic candida, epstein barr, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism and other things, as well as possibly lupus. I have been told and read also, that a large majority of abductees all have health problems, most like what I have described above.

4. Do not feel more ill at sunrise or sunset

5. I am 42.

And one thing you didn't ask, but I will volunteer, I have seen many "ships" while awake - some while I was alone and some were witnessed with others around.

I have always felt sort of like I didn't belong here, and that I had something important to do while here, like a mission of sorts, that I do not remember yet. Many abductees who I told to feel the same way. I feel like, from what I am being shown in my dreams, that at some point in the future, a great war is going to happen on earth. It will be an ivasion of sorts and the good ones have been fighting this war for centuries against the bad ones, and have also been trying to protect us. I am always shown people fleeing and hiding - me and my husband being amongst them. I pray it never happens, but I cannot shake the feeling. They show it to me so often in many different scenarios. Thanks for connecting with me.


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