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Re: New Year, new body/mind/spirit..want to join me?
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: New Year, new body/mind/spirit..want to join me?

Ok so here it is day 3....I'll brief on what has happened up until this point... this is my 1st cleanse and it is very very difficult... the 1st day, I must have added to much cayenne pepper because the drink was setting me on fire... Question... do you drink the drink hot or cold... I drank it hot but almost barfed... after I let it get cold, it was much more tolerable, so I think I might drink them cold from here on out. I must admit I cracked a little on day 2... think about it, I'm going through 3 withdrawels all at once... Food, Cigarettes, and Caffeine.... I've been drinking nothing but soda everyday since I was like 5 years old. Been a smoker for almost 2 years... and let's face it, everyone eats :) The first day, I came home from work at 11am, finished the rest of my first drink...and fell asleep for four hours... 4 HOURS!!! I woke up, my boyfriend said I looked very white and weak.... I had a terrible migraine... he doesn't believe this whole thing is a very healthy choice for me considering I'm hypoglycemic and I usually have to have food every 2-3hours or else I get really sick. I'm not trying to make excuses, I'm not a big fatty, I'm 5'4 and 140lbs. I've been doing some reading... everything says the tiredness, dizziness, headaches are all normal during the first few days, but I felt like straight death the 1st day. I think my body was just in shock because it didn't have a bunch of junk food and mountain dew that day. I cheated and totally smoked the first day...hell, you jut can't do everything at once like that, and if I didn't have cigarettes i'd go insane on this cleanse. But honestly, while smoking on my way home... the thought did cross my mind to just chow down on that cigarette. I know, gross... but I'm desperate here. OH YEAH, the saltwater flush.... how is that working out for everybody??? That thing is disgusting, it took me like a half hour to finish the whole thing and afterwards, my stomach felt like it was going to explode. But it worked!!! I'm not doing the herbal tea laxative, because 1. I hate tea in any shape or form. 2. I'm already giving myself a saltwater diaretic every night 3. I work for a living and can't be running to the bathroom 10 times a day. As sad as this may be, I think I'm only trying to pursue this cleanse because I want to lose 20Lbs and be at my "sexy" weight again. Every woman in my family except for 1 is over 200lbs. I'm lucky to be at 140lbs, but I never ever want to let my self go like that and I use to be 120lbs for a very long time until I got into a relationship with my BF and they always say you get comfortable and gain weight...that's the truth. I'm doing this for me and to feel better about myself, and to feel sexy again, and to not see those first signs of cellulite on my once tone and firm thighs and butt, and to get rid of the doughboy pudge I've had since birth I would have to say. It's going to be summer soon, and I've never liked the way I've looked in a bikini and I think this cleanse could be a real confidence booster. I spend alot of time in a bikini during the summer and this year I want to be able to prance around like all the other perfect, tan, fit college girls in town. Another thing, I know this may seem shallow... but I want to look like the girl that my boyfriend fell in love with again. I've been with him for 3 years now and he talking marraige and all the jazz, but I want to make him the happiest man in the world and I feel like i've let myself go for quite some time now, I used to walk around in my underwear and lingerie and we had a good solid sexual chemistry with each other... NOW, we both lay around in our sweatpants day in and day out...we hardly ever go anywhere unless it's like taco bell and to grab cigs, we stay cooped up in the house playing video games like 2 ten year old boys.... oh and when it comes to sex...his idea of romance is rolling over saying "hey, you wanna do it?"... yeah, yeah, yeah... I know. He said if this cleanse works for me and I feel and look healthy again then he's going to give it a shot too... So i'm looking forward to that... I just hope I can make it... it seems like when you can't have food or soda, that's all you see, in mags, on tv, just laying around the house, other people eating... it sucks.. it sucks ... it sucks. BUT I'm trying....In terrible need of support.

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