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Breath cured in a week!! After 5 years!!
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Published: 14 years ago

Breath cured in a week!! After 5 years!!

I had a bad breath problem for 5 years which got worse and worse and it has just cleared up in a week. Always said if i cure it ill try to help others so here goes.

i had constant white coting on my tongue, would brush/scrape 3 times a day. i could not talk to people up close, i mean my breath was terrible, people would hold thier nose, cough and turn away. one of my nostrtils would block every now and then. The smell go so bad that i had to stop going out on social occasions. I didnt put this down to a problem with my sinuses as it didnt feel as tho there was a problem, i could still breath pretty freely.
First i was certain it was a dental problem as i had cavities so i had them sorted out. Still the breath was there. I tried therabreath, colliodal silver, vitamins, changing toothpaste and sprays, nothing worked.

3 weeks ago i found this site and did many hours research. and norrowed my problem down to an overworked liver putting toxins into my body as i have been constipated for many years or candida (yeast or fungus).
This is what i bought:

zinc, magnesium, vitamin c, vitamin b complex - to help imune and digestive system.
oxy powder and paratex - cleanse parasites and some toxins (still taking paratrex)
Acidophilus 10 billion - put good bacteria back into my digestive system

Recently purchased colostrum and msm - help get my digestive system back on track and aid removal of toxins due years of constipation.

I also started to watch my Sugar and wheat intake incase the problem was candida.

Waiting for oxygen drops with fulvic acid - to cleanse toxins in blood etc.


All this helped with constipation and i go to the bathroom twice a day now and helped very slightly with the breath.
I plan to continue to take vitamins and minerals, colostrum, msm and acidophilus as they have added health benifits. i have also noticed that i am full of energy and as a bodybuilder have seen benifits in this area.

I bought a nasal irrigator machine which passes a saline solution through the nose and sinuses 4 months ago. this helped a little with the blockage in my nose but the smell was still there.

The real breakthrough came when i bought grapfruit seed extract 100ml bottle last week from the internet (there are many brands). this stuff kills bacteria, yeast and fungus.
i first put 12 drops in a glass of water and gargled with it sip by sip and then swallow. i did this 3 times a day after brushing and this stopped my breath and cleared my throat for many hours. (but did not totaly cure it)
I experimented one day and put 15 drops in my irrigator machine with the saline solution in the morning and to my amaisment my breath was fresh most of the day. after doing this for a week i had no nose blockage and no bad breath whatso ever.

I tested to see if the problem was candida by eating sweets, white bread and crisps etc, this seemed to have no effect and my breath was still fresh.

This may still be just a cover as i may still have too many toxins in my system which may cause this to re-occur so i will continue to detox and undertake a few liver flushes.

I still brush and tongue scrape morning and night and drink 12 drops in water twice a day. this product has changed my life and allowed me to be 'normal again'.

i just hope i can help others because i know how life sapping having this curse is.

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