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Some Thoughts - Autoimmune
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Published: 13 years ago

Some Thoughts - Autoimmune

Hey everybody. I haven’t posted anything in years (still check in every now and then to see what’s going on), but there just hasn’t been a lot to report. Lately, I’ve been feeling very strongly that whatever is happening is autoimmune related.

I’m not sure what it means, but it was interesting that many of us share very similar body types (small bone structure), and that a fair number of people have had other skin issues (red, flaky eyebrows, especially after taking showers, dandruff, little bumps on knees or elbows, etc.). Personally, over the past few years, I’ve had some issues with hair follicles on my head and eyebrows (seems to be some kind of scaly buildup, which a lot of people might mistake for common dandruff—it’s not really very bad, and nobody can ever tell, but it’s apparent to me when focused on it), which has led me to start looking into Keratosis Pilaris and the related spectrum of disorders.

Also, I’ve always held that whatever we have is not caused by stress, but it does seem that stress can affect our condition. It seems like so many different things change our peeling cycles in some manner, which would make sense with an autoimmune condition (anything that would stress/boost our immune system could alter the peeling). Personally, I find it so maddening how different things seem to modify the cycle but it seems impossible to pin anything down…it’s like a target that keeps rolling off to the side whenever you turn around.

But, getting back to the keratosis pilaris (or related) thing, Wiki says: “Keratosis pilaris occurs when the human body produces excess keratin, a natural protein in the skin…” Whereas KP relates to hair follicles, I think that whatever we have happening might be related to keratin production more generally.

Also, Emedicine says (about KP): “Etiology is unknown, although it may be due to a disorder of corneocyte adhesion that prevents normal desquamation in the area around the follicle” (which basically says that it may be due to a disorder of the top layer of the skin that prevents normal shedding…).

I’m not sure about you guys, but to me that sounds pretty much exactly like what we have. Unfortunately, there’s no cure for KP, but it might help point us in the right direction. Some of the KP disorders also have an inflammatory component.

I’ve been a bit too depressed to work on this much lately, but I really wish we could stop with all the name calling and sillyness that’s been happening lately. I think that a lot of people will get put off by that stuff and either not take us seriously, or just leave without looking back, and we really need all the help and contribution we can get.

Finally, I went to the doctors the other day and had some blood taken, in order to get my thyroid hormone levels checked. I’m not completely sure why, but it just seemed like something that might in some way be related, and at the very least it’ll prove interesting.

Thanks guys and have a happy holiday time

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