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Re: Trueth
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Trueth


That Was Branham's Message 70+ years ago. He claimed he was Elijah Returned as the last messagner.............did he preach church? NO, he preached the Book of Revelation was the story of the First "Organized" Church/Government that they were one in the same organization!

Many a past Pastor has came clean and disclosed the evil behind the churches, their 100% direct connection to the catholic popes/government. Pastors "ALL" know the evil they serve and do their job based on $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, because if they do not perform well as actors, they don't make the church $$$$$ and they are "moved" to try again. Their "brotherhood" keeps them in a job, no matter how many church women they raped, no matter what they got caught doing to children, etc., etc., etc... They belong to a "brotherhood" no differant that all organized crimminals do, such as judges/lawyers..Look at your teaches, they are all "organizied", their brotherhood deals for more free paid days, paid months off work and most of the most corrupt never go to school, their many subs with no education end up teaching the kids.

"organization" is everywhere and themost organized don't work, they figure ways to get slaves to do their work for them. This breeds more and more corruption.

All based on TAXES!
The government leads all the lazy people on earth, willing to screw their fellow man via the TAX SYSTEMS...the worthless lazy ones get away with paying less or no tax, in exchange for doing te evil work of the governments....about that simple.

The wealthy well educated succesful people based their wisdom on how much $$$$ they make by having others work for them. They then join organizations that allows them to pay less taxes, so they can keep some of their $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

That is why the Bible Writers simple stated that if you possess $$$, look at the picture on the $$$$ and give it back to that person.. BUT we are all addicted to our RENTAL property/possesions. WE DO NOT OWN NOTHING, we rent from theese "FREAKS" of nature that some are stupid enough to raise their sons to go MURDER for them, so we can stay slaves and keep them our kings.

It starts with the soldiers of this world....they are the ones that give these sickly creeps any power what so is the soldier, everyone of them willing to pick up a weapon and kill an innocent human. They are the ones that will pay the most when they die..they murdered just because some rich person them told them to and left GOD completely out of their lives from the get go and look at these churches!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MANY OF THEM teach to send your child to WAR! Raise your children to join the armed forces! DO IT IN THE NAME OF GOD THEY SAY! Have your children go murder those heathens around this world that refused to join the U.S.A. UN / WHO.

And the christians did it and the non christians of this planet are their target. The Christians are all 100% catholics going by 2,000 differant names....strip their names away and their master is their FATHER POPE. Their Father created the religion they all serve.

It is sad, that you can't trust your teachers, your churchs, your government, your cities, your towns, your trustees, because everyone of the bastards in chare, has their job because they are willing to screw anyone in exchange that they can have easy $$$$$ and lifetime health insurance.

Health Insurance and the college institutions are the methods that "suck" innocent people into "thinking" they deserve better than the non educated....They thrive on having "more" than their lesser educated neighbors. They all loose track that they are all God's one is better than another.

Forget all the crap you hear on TV, those in charge, will always HATE YOU, always see you as INFERRIOR and always play games to control your population. They will never change, they exist to keep their blood lines blue! All the governments have done is MANAGE all the races, picking out the few willing to screw their own race in exchange for more $$$$, as simple as that! Then these stupid/ignorant people then praise and worship these very ones that screwed them the most and make holidays to celebrate it all...................and they all leave GOD out of their lives as they worship those who made the most $$$$ and fame.

All humans are trash as far as the blue bloods are concerned, they see every race as a stupid ignorant low animal willing to do anything for a little $$$$$$.

Just an organized method to reduce the stock, the soldiers the ones doing the job of murder. Who promotes soldiers! The government/church/schools aka the bad people.

The pope slaughtered over 70 million men to promote his new testament bible and that slaughter continues, the catholic church has murdered BILLIONS in the past 2,000 years since they "organized" their army/governments.

You are on this earth because of ONE BEING, we call that BEING, our GOD that we don't understand.... We are a student of GOD'S, he is our soul teacher...we live/exsist with each breathe of air he provides. We die just as we were born as designed by GOD. Not some man, some government, some church, etc...but by GOD. There is a couple of lines written by the monks in the book we call a bible that suggest all humans may not be "real", but actors in your life's education......

Think of that, what "IF" God is your ONLY TEACHER and you are the student that he watches 24/7 from birth to death...............and all the rest of this crap on earth is nothing but compressed sun radiation that has ZERO MEANING after your school is over and you were graded every moment of your entire life based on how well you chose GOD over the worldly things...

In the times of Noah, the story goes that only 1 family was left on earth that God new, the rest were mutants and no longer pure, but heathen animals. Naturally the entire story is allagory and never happened. You can still see Noah's ship today and Noah didn't sail it. Noah's boat is a real ship that survived a flood, that is now petrafied rock. The huge anchors are all still in perfect condition and the locals carved the name of Noah on the anchors and created the story that they must have came from that ancient ship, etc...and that is just about the only truth known about what the world calls Noah's boat. The churches ALL KNOW THIS and yet they ALL LIE to children...........very pathetic to lie to little children, but the churches only exist by lieing and have done it for 2,000 years and will never stop and yet they teach that the father of all lies is SATEN!!!!

HISTORY proves the rocks come, the floods come, the contenients separate and we do in FACT have upwards of 5 cities built upon each other on this earth today! The earth is not 6, 000 years old, etc., etc......little to nothing in the Bible was written litterally, yet the most stupidest of christinas on the planet believe they must take each and every word litterally and when you do so, you can find over 2,500 mistakes real fast, simple because the Bible stories are rewritten over and over in the Bible using differant people's names and differant locations. None of the stories are 100% true, NONE of the humans in the Bible are 100% true, most are allagories uisng famous names of the time period to identify a function of life or this earth. Some of the best pastors on earth have stated that the ONLY real man to ever have walked this earth, is the one we call other man or women listed in the Bible really existed and none can be found in history prior to the popes creating their churches and creating the stories after they slaughtered all the adults that worshiped the sun as their son of God, their life provider.

Paul was a Monk, the bible was written by Monks, the first catholic churches were MONK CHURCHES, until the catholics went to bed with the governments and then they killed the monks and all humans on the planet that got in the churches way.

Paul was known to be able to take his body anywhere, anytime and no jail could hold him. The same myths exist today with the MONKS! You can find plenty of books stating how MONKS have had hundreds of lives and talk directly with God, bla bla bla......a matter of fact, if you believe in any religion on this planet, odds are your believing in a monk religion of some sort.

Then coms along William Branham in 1907 (close to that date) and at age 7, he hears a voice in a tree and before you know it, a ghost of sorts appears in his home and starts teaching him world history and then God himself comes on the scene....and they boith teach Branham, then we find out he is really Elijah reincarnated and his second trip to earth as a profiet warning this world that your time is up....

As crazy as that sounds, think about this:
Branham speaks in the name of "JESUS", the catholic name that the pope tried to replace PAUL WITH! And Branham is saying PAUL himself appears in his home and tells him to say these things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then GOD appears and tells Branham to say these things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and what Christian church on this planet believes in theMonk religion of REINCARNATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and what christian church on this planet BELIEVES any human has EVER seen or talked to GOD HIMSELF!!!!!

YET, you can listen to all of Branham's work, the people followed him everywhere he went and recorded every word he ever said from a pulpit, the same pulpit he healed countless thousands and gave new eyes to blind children, healed the cripples, raised the dead, etc...all those things reserved by the christian church for Jesus...

You can hear Branham say the name JESUS over and over thousands of times in his lifetime...yet, in private, he is saying PAUL has been appearing in person in his home, teaching him what to tell the people of the world...and YET, the history of PAUL, is a history of the Pope creating the name Jesus, so the Pope could invent a savior/forgivness system making him the GUY to pay for the service!

So why would Branham use the name JESUS???? Simple because all of the people on earth he was preaching to, were CATHOLICS, raised on the name JESUS. To heal anyone or do any miracle in any other name than JESUS would end up with your body being staked to the ground and wood piled up on you and set afire until you were turned to ashes by the Catholic Church.

Is it any wonder that the man Branham was frustrated and had people hold back the masses just so he could be alone and get away from the people! Same as the old Jesus stories of how Jesus was hounded everywhere he went for a MIRACLE!

Was Branham really ELIJAH? He said he was....he said if he ever told a lie, the people could put him down in history as a false far, the people claim his thouands of visons have came true....even many years after his death, they are coming true just the same as they did when he was alive and telling the people his visions.

If you remove all the CRAP from Branham's history, he had one real message, get away from the organized people on this planet...they love their $$$ and not God.

He preached his vison that Las Angeles would split into 2 pieces and one 1/2 fall deep into the ocean, so deep that sharks could be seen at th waters edge.. He anmes the street location of that exact vision and they claim yet today, no one has touched the building he seen in his vision, that it sets as a symbol of his vision and that building will remain standing and everything to the WEST of that building will be under water.....

He said this will happen when his son is an old man. He actually seen this vision while talking to his son, that was at the street corner in Las Angeles and he told his son that where he is standing, there will be sharks swimming. Branham's son is still alive today. He will be considered an old man approx. the year 2012. The aame year Nasa has been telling the world that the earth will be entering an astroid belt and rocks will be hitting this earth.....the book of Revelations spells out the 35,000 year earth cycle, that ends each generation with ROCKS!

Nasa and the world governments have been building dams in an attempt to change the earths rotation with hopes of swinging away from the rocks.....this accounts for the bazarr weathe changes, etc...and why some believe if they go to far, the earth will "FLIP" and all will die instantly. The MONKS actually believe every human on this planet, with zero exceptions will all die at the exact same moment.


You can talk about religions for ever, there are 2,000+ of them all fighting with each other believing the other 1,999 are going to HELL!

The ONLY thing that makes Branham of interest, is he was current and his children grew up seeing GOD and PAUL in their home and they are still alive today, either spending their entire lives telling lies, or they believe they realy did see GOD and PAUL. Otherwise, the Jesus/Paul type stories claim others have had such healing powers on earth and were them selves also seen as GODS!

A few GREAT AUTHORS suggest if we back up time lets say 30,000 years, we all had the POWERS OF GOD our FATHER! We needed no telephones, no foods, no water, no need to kill anything, we all LIVED IN PEACE and HARMONY...

But as class continues its 35,000 year study, at the end, few people exist that are pure enough to be called God's Children. Most humans by now are MULES, mixed up humans with animal blood in their veins.

BRANHAM stated that evil man created what we call dinasaurs. By mixing humans with reptiles................and that those days are amongst us NOW! We call these things VACCINATIONS! Injecting animal/reptile dna into humans.

We are the unlucky ones to be at the end of the human race. To witness mankind at his most evilest.....

The Book of Revelation states that 7 scrolls exist explaining the fate of mankind on earth. The last scroll contents never revealed for man to know. According to Branham's children, GOD himself appeared to their Father just before his death of being killed by a drunken driver (I suggest he knew this way back when his book was written and hints of his death this way)and has Branham write down on paper this last SCROLL contents.....This paper has remained with the children for all these many years and they fear to open and read it. Fearing the end of the earth will happen if they open it.

SO WHY DOESN'T some movie producer make a MOVIE of BRANHAMS LIFE, complete with GOD and PAUL and end up with the scroll opened and LAS ANGELAS falling into the OCEAN and end with JAWS swimming upo main street LA, sounds cool to me!

Ignore the world, but keep your eyes and ears open so you can avoid all the organized people. Just live one day at a time with your God, because not one of us can ad an additional day of life, we will return home after school is out.



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