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Published: 11 years ago
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It is just not possible to reason with someone like you who seems to be unreasonable, and where this will be my last attempt at trying to do so.

I have seldom seen you offer any advice in helping others re' Water Fasting in a WF support forum: well believe it or not, a WF support forum is actually about Water Fasting and related issues, and where your own advice (helpful as it might be) in your own area of expertise is only relevant on a forum devoted to that subject.

Yes you do voice your opinion on other things but that is relevant in a forum devoted to your Chinese Medicine & TCM (whatever that may be) and NOT in a forum devoted to the support of Water Fasters.
Your comments re' WF and how it does not clear all is true, as the fast is only a catalyst for the body to self-heal: all healing comes from within the innate power of the body to self-repair, and is the only method used by Nature in doing so.

However, despite what you say about the contraindications of fasting being "many" there are in fact very few restrictions, except for example with Liver Cancer and Kidney diseases where the latter condition would need to be supervised by a qualified practitioner in the art of fasting...........

"There are individuals who are not good candidates for therapeutic fasting. But there are few conditions per se that contraindicate its appropriate use.
The greatest contraindication to fasting is fear. A lack of understanding of the fasting process can present insurmountable problems. Extreme weakness in various diseases associated with muscular wasting may also contraindicate fasting.
There are numerous medications that can complicate the fasting process. Inadequate nutrient reserves would be another potential contraindication to fasting. Certain types of cancer and severe kidney disease may also make an individual a poor fasting candidate"........Dr. Alan Goldhamer DC

""I have found few health problems which are absolute contraindications to fasting. In my experience, if the need is evident, the only genuine contraindication is fear ... As for the other conditions often mentioned [as contraindications], e.g., kidney disease, heart impairment, TB, etc, they merely require extreme caution, because of the limits imposed by pathology, but they are not inexorable contraindications."
......Leon Chaitow N.D., D.O., M.R.O. quoting Alex Burton ND DO, who is one of the leading proponents of fasting currently in practice and a leading Dr of Natural Hygiene.

My own cure of Leukemia was looked upon as being in remission (and still is) and where any successful alternative therapy or treatment was looked upon by society generally as next to nonsense. Mainstream medicine and the media would not entertain the idea of a cure as they had (and still have) a stranglehold on publicity: this was even more the case 30 years ago than now.
I fasted of my own volition after reading the works of Shelton & Tilden.

I actually have a personal library on fasting and Natural Hygiene (not just a few books) and usually reiterate the wealth of experience of qualified practitioners in the fasting process and how this successfully leads to the recovery of good health, and where in many many cases other approaches to health recovery have failed.
So the posts I make within the context of a fasting support forum are entirely relevant to its objectives.
Your own input may be relevant in health recovery but usually is not so within the forum you post in.

Unlike yesteryear there was no Internet and where after discovering Curezone I was reluctant to divulge my cure for fear of ridicule as this was my experience to date, but did eventually post in the Leukemia Forum where I announced it to the World: this was largely ignored by the membership of that forum so did not pursue it any further.
Try and get your facts right Sherlock before making half-witted and ignorant comments please.

I agree with you Anya..............."I really don't consider people who are always starting some fast every month, or those constantly yo-yoing with their weight because they have not have gotten to the root of their eating habits a success story".........................neither do I.

"Steve also has never once proclaimed to be a WF expert FYI"..........which is true..........your point being??

"You don't know what supplements, medications, or any of their life history yet you say 'just fast"..................No I don't. Incorrect assumption based on nothing and conjecture.

"Even if you were really said expert on fasting, does that mean you are now an expert on everything else"?...................No. I am not an expert on anything except my chosen profession (more on that later) and WF. Again, an incorrect assumption based on guesswork.

"I see you giving wrong advice all the time"...............under whose authority do you speak? If I have given inappropriate advice then this was not intentional. I am only human, and humans make mistakes. Do you make any mistakes Anya?

"You were even suggesting people to WF those with having ED's"..........not true. advice was given to these members who I did not suspect of having an ED; if I had known beforehand no advice would have been given.
You should try to understand that we are at the mercy of someones anonymity and where in all cases we rely on the posters honesty and willingness to reveal their past & present health status: THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH PERSONS SUFFERING FROM ED'S AS THEY DELIBERATELY WITHHOLD INFORMATION.

You are very quick in leveling false accusations at me personally without any foundation whatsoever. There is a word for that but can't for the life of me think what it is at the moment.

What exactly is Toxemia Anya? and in answer to your question...........

The toxemia theory of disease-causation has stood the test of time from the mid 1800's................because it works in the real real people, and has an amazingly successful track record of recovering good health and the eradication of disease via fasting and the other agencies of hygiene. Do some research. You may even learn something of value here.

The case you refer to is the result of a hysterectomy which in all probability was unnecessary anyway, just as for years and years the medical profession would extract anything that caused pain.......tonsils....appendix.....ovaries...fallopian tubes...etc etc. Is it any wonder that people have health problems? A bit like the present treatment of cancer......Chemo' (poison), Radiation (burn) surgery (slash).
Now there's a REAL solution to someones chronic health problems.
Despite her hysterectomy, it IS safe to fast for the cleansing and healing that this affords and where her borderline anemia can be helped if not cured as well.
Scroll down to this real experience for the cure of anemia..........

Your opinion (after all that's what it is) that Fasting is a contraindication for someone suffering from anemia is made in complete ignorance of the fast and the fasting process, even though she has had a hysterectomy.

"And btw how many people have you actually treated in water fasting? None?.".............this is where our mindset changes as I do agree with you: I do not treat anyone or ever done so and do not see the need to. You are stuck in the current medical paradigm of "CURE" and where I nurture people back into WELLNESS.

"You're not even a natural hygienist"....................a Natural Hygienist is someone who leads the lifestyle of a Natural Hygienist..........Nature didn't need to offer me any of the credentials that you are so fond of.

BEd and a BSc, but none in my chosen subject of "water fasting".......trying to enroll in this course is incredibly difficult if not impossible at the moment due to its popularity.

Your post displays the immaturity and impulsiveness of someone of a tender age.
"The trouble with youth, is that it is wasted on the young"
Oscar Wilde.

I welcome your opinion on health-related matters if it is appropriate within the WFSF.
I do not deal with opinions or just my own opinion, but those who have gone before me, and are better qualified and experienced to do so from their own patients within Natural Hygiene.

I do not diagnose anyone and have never done so or intend to do so........that is for people like you.
I did not say you are the "bad one" as you call it, just your rumbustious behavior and dare I say it.............your BS language skills.

"As I had stated before, try sticking your WF and leave the rest to the experts"...........................If that is the case then you should leave what is after all a WATER-FASTING SUPPORT FORUM.

"It baffles me how you go about giving 'opinion' about drugs.. supplements and other conditions that again have nothing to do with Water Fasting"...............................I offer no opinions about drugs except to come off them at the earliest opportunity such as AD's, and where they are allowed to by their medical practitioner.
I have studied nutrition quite comprehensively over the last 30 years as well. BTW there is no such thing as a safe drug........only a safe dose: this cannot be said for supplements where on the whole they are extremely safe, even in high doses; exceptions are Vitamin A toxicity that can damage the Liver.

Anya, lets be sensible please.
I welcome your advice......I really do.....especially with your experience, but is the advice you are offering relevant in a WFSF?
I have an idea..........perhaps we could leave posts on technical issues to you, such as waning off drugs and medical complications and so on. Yes I am being serious.

I hardly post now Anya so I offer my own knowledge on Water Fasting only on a few selected posts that I feel are within my grasp without wanting to play Doctor Chrisb1.

Your research does you proud Anya...........I AM involved with the driver training industry on a part-time basis, as my full-time lecturing occupation does not pay enough to keep my family. Well done.
I expect you also work 7 days a week as well!!!




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