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Published: 11 years ago
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You are right.. I am not an expert on fasting, and never proclaimed to be.

I only voice my educated opinion on OTHER things. Things where I can clearly see will not help with WF.. sorry to burst your bubble but WF does not clear all and there are many contraindications, but yet you continue to spout your mouth since you read a few books and have some bs story about curing your cancer. Which FYI I cannot find ANYTHING about, shocking considering that is a HUGE milestone on fasting, but yet I find nothing.. not even in local newspapers. You just bs me when I ask you for proof saying you cannot get records. Which FYI if you were the patient on your so called leukemia you do legally have the right to access your records. Also I would think the natural hygeinist(s) who supposedly lead you into your cleanse to cure alleged Leukemia would probably document that somewhere, as I see case studies all the time and nothing as impressive as curing Leukemia from a mere 3 week WF fast.  I really doubt a publisher is gonna touch your book btw.

I also find it interesting that doing a bit of research.. the whole WF and leukemia story didn't come up til shy of a yr recently. You also have older posts from not only this s/n but your other one (yeah I do my homework) of you in cancer forums and never once said first hey guys! I cured mine via WF try it! Odd for someone who cured it, I'd be shouting through the roofs trying to help others.

Oh and btw I really don't consider people who are always starting some fast every month, or those constantly yo yoing with their weight because they have not have gotten to the root of their eating habits a success story. Steve also has never once proclaimed to be a WF expert FYI.

You don't know what supplements, medications, or any of their life history yet you say 'just fast'. Even is you were really said expert on fasting, does that mean you are now an expert on everything else?  I see you giving wrong advice all the time.

You were even suggesting people to WF those with having ED's until a big stink happened. That is serious, as you have people who put you for stupid reasons on a pedestal and take what you say as if its the bible. So you do have a responsibility to watch what you say giving bs wrong advice.


Which fyi lol at your Toxemia diagnosis. You talk as if what you say entirely is fact, and that post makes my point. Yet I'm the self righteous one here? Baffles me.What exactly is toxemia? Did you know there were several kinds? did you even know almost all the symptoms and issues shes having is due to the fact of a hormonal imbalance due to having a major organ removed? Wait wait, dont google anything and first answer me? LOL! And if shes anemic she should not be fasting, especially for 30 days? Its a clear contraindication. and the list goes on and on.

I will continue to step in when you give bs wrong advice on things you have no clue about, and I'll leave your water fasting to you like I have been doing :)

And btw how many people have you actually treated in water fasting? None? Oh perhaps its because legally you cannot treat anyone, gee imagine that.

You're not even a natural hygienist and have no real credentials, so in turn what makes you an expert? A story? Self proclamation? Popularity on a website?


You are your fans are making this out to be some popularity politician contest, when at the end of the day I don't really care and will call anyone (not just you) but anyone who starts giving wrong advice to people in need.

But yet you continue to voice your opinion and diagnose as if both are facts, then when I call you out on it and question you, its another story and Anya is the bad one and shes arguing with the moderator oh no!

As I had stated before, try sticking your WF and leave the rest to the experts.

It baffles me how you go about giving 'opinion' about drugs.. supplements and other conditions that again have nothing to do with Water Fasting.

It really makes you look like a total ass, and I feel sorry for those getting the wrong advice that really need help.

oh and btw, thank you for giving your opinion (or law) on what you think I can and cannot comment on, Dr, Chris.

You can quote a lot of shit, but can you sit down and put it in layman's terms to someone and actually understand it without google or a dictionary.

I'm gonna say no.

I honestly could give a rats ass (and you can comment on my profanity as if I'm a 5 yr old all you like) what you personally think of me, what I do care about is a nobody online giving wrong advice and diagnosing people that do actually need help.

oh and to the others who hate me, I really don't care.. and putting quotations that I'm studying 'Alternative Medicine or whatever' makes you look like an ass as well. Afterall Id say the Alternative Doctors are versed in a lot more than your precious water fasting, and do have the education to help with just about everything. We don't go to school for 5 yrs, and do residency for our health. And going on based on how I talk online? Sorry but unlike you I am not playing Doctor here, or health care professional, so I'm gonna take me saying some profanities here and there on an online forum with a grain of salt. I suppose I should question my SO as well whose rather brilliant a neurosurgeon because he has said curse words when when he's not in a professional setting? Maybe we should all wear white coats and scrubs as well when we are not at the hospital, OH god! I better not wear anything showing my cleavage or my abs during my own personal time/life as that is not very professional, and the list goes on. You're lack of logic is halirious.

oh btw I know you gave the triple R's which again is sad. But I just figured everyone should know it, and perhaps you should man up. Don't pretend to be self righteous when its clear you have a personal vendetta towards me because I constantly and will continue to call you out on your behaviour. I'd rather be called mean or whatever then a self righteous hypocrite. You have never once said hey Anya.. you know you are right or even acknowledged my education or credentials (oh im sorry you said it was okay for me to voice my opinion about Ed's lol thank you holier than though Dr. Beckett), which clearly shows your personal issues with me. I thought the forum was about helping others and giving them correct advice and not giving you an ego trip since you are a nobody in the real world? Perhaps we need a Chrisb1 forum since thats what its become.


Don't even bother replying, you're posts are so utterly painfully sad  to my eyes and brain its not even funny, and I'm not gonna bother to read them.  Try sticking to what you actually really know and not self proclamation : Drivers Education.


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