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Published: 11 years ago
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I totally agree with #107250.
Yes Anya was banned for a variety of reasons, but she was allowed to rejoin, or more accurately, she invited herself back to the WFSF under the guise of different pseudonyms which I knew about, but I had said that as long as she could clean up her act and offer constructive advice, then she would be more than welcome to return.

However, this has not been the case, and where she still accuses members such as myself, who have had a wealth of experience with the fast of "googleing for answers" by; "playing the policeman and even God"; "a mod abusing his power"; "bullying Lauray out of the forum"; "playing Doctor"; which are all total fabrications and "that we belittle Alternative Medication", which is just not true. Apparently Anya also hasn't seen anyone on here who is a real success story except Steve", despite my own cure of Leukemia.

Anya has also reiterated the post of O: "'mental illness' is the result of physiologic, metabolic, hormonal and brain dysfunctions... related to stress... that are rooted in energetic imbalances and often spiritual crises", but disregards other main causes of mental illnesses such as Nutritional deficiencies in the B Vitamins and other nutrients, and as espoused by Orthomolecular Medicine where mental illness has been cured thru nutritional means; also, the successful treatment of Schizophrenia by Dr Yuri Nikolayev with fasting, and who is a Professor of Medicine at the Moscow Psychiatric Institute.

Anya is not an expert on fasting and I doubt very much whether she has made a study of the subject at all, as she offers very little if any advice to anyone concerning their fasts: isn't the WFSF about "support" for those who are fasting? I thought it was! or am I wrong?
This thread was also moved to the debate forum because it was she that had made it into one, and where this is the rightful place for Fasting Debate s.

I agree that Anya can and should offer advice to anyone with a suspected ED as this is also her own experience, but Steve was only acting in what he thought were the best interests of those who were using the forum to support their ED, and the main reason he established an FAQ for those with one, or who thought they had one.
A support forum offers advice for those who wish to fast to improve their health or lose weight, but it is not a forum offering advice to those who deliberately withhold information about their current health-status and where advice would then be inappropriate for someone with a suspected ED.
Admittedly, we do take much "on trust" about the poster, which is the way of the Internet by providing "anonymity", but that is just the way it is, and where an FAQ for people with a suspected ED can only be beneficial to these sufferers by creating an awareness to the forum about this disorder.

Yes: I do feel that Lauray was attacked by some posters for her perceived blogs, which I was against and defended her for that reason, but I think it was fairly obvious from her own history of posting that she is in need of professional help not provided by the support forum, and where she was advised to do so, and where no one but no one was "playing Doctor" as was cruelly suggested by the poster mentioned previously.

I have also found that Anya can be patronizing, and where her choice of language is not a desirable asset in someone who is supposed to be a "qualified health professional".



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