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Sorry, but I think it's all bollocks.
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Published: 13 years ago

Sorry, but I think it's all bollocks.

I've been on curezone off and on for years. Although sometimes I find myself in the box, it doesn't last more more than a week at a time and then I start really thinking for myself again. We're in an age of ignorance and that's why I don't jump on any bandwagons for long. Certainly the regular folks here don't know what they're doing --especially on this Candida Forum -- but the ones they look up to for cures haven't much of a clue either. I've tried the candida diet and it doesn't work. How does depleting your body of essential building blocks cure anything? Certainly, fasting has it's benefits, but after 2 weeks to a month, the body starts to degenerate and go into a state of ill health slowly. Raw vegan diet is a fast, nothing more, just as is juice fasting and water fasting. And how many of you are still fasting? In other words, how many of you have been and still are on x-y-z diet without your health improving? Or, more likely, your health has gotten worse like mine? Oh, let me guess, detox reaction. -_- Uh huh. The body is a poor detoxer than, isn't it? Any second now you're going to be healthier than the god's, but just after a little more fasting. The carrot on a stick if you ask me.

I wrote the below yesterday on a different forum. I could have added a lot more to it, but it gets my feelings accross pretty well.

Originally Posted by gorgeousgertie:

its the acidophilus and other cultures in the yoghurt that helps the intestinal flora, not the 'dairy'. Best way to promote and maintain healthy gut flora is to have a big part of the diet consistibg of alkaline forming foods.

Cleft_Asunder replies:

I bet you have no evidence to support that theory. And even if you did, what does it amount to realistically? Nothing. Even so-called experts weather mainstream or alternative don't understand how the body works, yet they believe they can form conclusions. All they do is theorize and focus on the trees while claiming to see the forest, and then they tell us what's good and bad for us. And that's all they have is theories, just like everything else coming from the "health food" --I say that loosely-- industry. Key word, industry.

You're just repeating something you've read somewhere. And whatever the case, I know from experience that alkalising diet is not only bad for the body over time, but it does not promote the restoration of intestinal flora. It never has for me. How does overeating 1 style of food --Cold foods, as the Chinese call raw vegetables and fruits-- somehow restore flora? They tell us to alkalaze our bodies, yet in the same paragraph tell us that idealy the body should be at a 7.0-7.4 ph out of 14 ph. So about 50/50! In other words, it's not good to go in either direction. Yet the popular belief is that raw vegan = healthy. Contradiction!

I've been lurking on this forum called curezone since I was 16, which is easily the most popular self-help health forum. The amount of sick people there is astonishing, and the amount of success stories are almost nil. Take for example the candida (yeast infection) forum which is the most misinformed. If you're unfamiliar with the candida theory, it states that the intestines get taken over by yeast due to poor dietary choices, primarily Sugar and/or a heavily acid diet. The solution, of course, is the candida diet which restricts Sugar to the bare minimum and a highly alkaline diet to "starve" the candida. But wait a second, the body needs Sugar just like salt for regular functioning. And I've seen people post about their candida diet results, and no one is curing their candida. Because the whole theory is either contrived, or if it is true than the cause of candida overgrowth isn't sugar intake but an imbalanced diet. We're talking about people who eat up to 70 percent alkalizing foods for months and almost zero sugar! And they have major allergies, and they don't eat this or that because it's bad. And they have major guilt trips because --whoops-- they gave into their craving for pastry (which is really the candida's craving, since it's like invasion of the body snatchers ) and now all their 3 months of work is set back. And while we are theorizing and "perfecting" our diet (i.e. depriving ourselves of nutrients and making ourselves more and more allergic), we're getting sicker. If sugar and acid causes candida, how come these people who primarily drink soda (acidic/sugary) don't have a candida problem? They even have mercury fillings! I'm not saying they are super healthy, but the outside shows the state of the inside to a large extent.

Steven Bratman writes in his book Health Food Junkies:

Finding examples wouldn't be difficult. I could pit the rules of various food theories against each other: Spicy food is bad; cayenne peppers are health-promoting. Fasting on oranges is healthy; citrus fruits are too acidic. Milk is good only for young cows (and pasteurized milk is even worse); boiled milk is the food of the gods. Fermented foods, such as sauerkraut, are essentially rotten; fermented foods aid digestion. Sweets are bad; honey is nature's most perfect food. Fruits are the ideal food; fruit causes candida. Vinegar is a poison; apple cider vinegar cures most illnesses. Proteins should not be combined with starches; aduki beans and brown rice should always be cooked together.

People are getting played, and ironically it's at a place called curezone. Pantsdownzone is more apt.

For more info on Orthorexia and a story of a raw vegan who died because of her diet, check this out:

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