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Published: 15 years ago


This forums gone dead lol, no posts in over 24 hours :P

Just wanted to give a quick update and hopefully bring some life back haha

I've noticed that eating a highly alkaline diet is a key to feeling healthy; it has made my lips much easier to manage IT HAS ALSO REDUCED INFLAMMATION AND IT SLOWS THE PEELING CYCLE!!! The changes where almost immediate, try for yourselves,, you don't have to go crazy actually weighing and measuring your food 80/20% alkaline/acid.. just work on adding more alkaline foods to your diet and focus on limiting the acidic ones.

I'm probably only doing a 60% alkaline 40% acid diet at the moment and I still notice a difference. I feel much lighter, my lips aren't EVER blood red and inflamed, I haven't lost my cool once since my diet change.. increased energy, much less joint cracking, the list goes on.

So anyways,, I'm gonna continue trying to improve my diet.. all I can do is suggest you all do the same.. you can do this quick 2 day test to see if I'm full of shit:

day 1 eat over 80% acid foods.. even healthy ones.. lots of WHOLE grains, LEAN meats, "healthy" dairy.. (yogurt, milk) ect

day 2 eat mainly vegetables, limit grains and only eat chicken or turkey, NO DAIRY! (drink soy milk), no $@^& pork lol, btw I just found out not only is pork the most disease infested meat on earth it also has the lowest most acidic pH,, Mmmm,, pork... lol

Eat the way you normally do for 1 day,, take note of how you feel then try a more alkaline diet and take note of how you feel... I can almost guarantee that diet change alone will eliminate any anxiety, nervousness, feeling slugish and tired ect.. another big part in that is staying hydrated. You will definitely feel a change AFTER ONLY ONE DAY, small changes will probably happen to your lips after a few days of diet change.. like I mentioned b4, less inflammation and all that other good stuff.


I have also been thinking about how my body got into this state of chronic disease,, it occurred to me that for one thing asthma and sinus problems over time have been depriving me of oxygen for years.. along with the poor diet I was eating + a lazy sitting on my ass all day smoking weed and drinkign liquor lifestyle.. its just asking for trouble. Another thing I've noticed is that I am definitely, DEFINITELY dehydrated ALL THE TIME. On average I drink 1-2 glasses of tap water a day, that is not nearly enough..

So.. this is my plan

-turn myself into a cardio machine,, lots of endurance excercises.. I will limit strength training and focus on endurance.

-trying to avoid shallow breathing or having blocked up sinuses to make sure my body is getting the oxygen it needs. Each day I've been sitting in my sauna and practicing basic breathing exercises (I've been doing this for 3 days now)

-Keep trying to push for a more alkaline diet

-Drinking at least 4L of water per day. My Water Ionizer should be coming in this week, I will start drinking 4L of Alkaline Water per day once I get it. Its not possible for me to drink that much tap water/day right now because it tastes nasty.

-Focusing on goals OTHER than curing EC, its important to keep living life. I understand its not easy when you have huge cornflakes hanging off your lips but if your still at that stage than stop being a timid little bitch and make some moves to cure yourself. Start with the basics, diet change, water intake, colon cleansing, supporting vital organs with supplements.. if your not doing anything than don't expect anything to happen.

Anyways thats all I got,




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