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Re: Chris: important re: fasting, "yesterday" and "today"
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Chris: important re: fasting, "yesterday" and "today"

I do not agree with your post, and for the following reasons.......

The chemistry/physiology of the body which I referred to has not changed: only the environment/ecology in which we live has done so, and although food is not as nutritious as it used to be even just 40 years ago, the body adapts to this environment, otherwise we would be all suffering from one form of nutritional deficiency or another.
So it is indeed true to say that..........
"Fasting of yesterday is no different to today: has the chemistry/physiology of the body changed in the last 150 years? No."

Yes. The body is subjected to far more toxins than has ever been the case before, but this only means that it takes the body longer to cleanse and heal itself from these impurities.

Again I do not agree with you: we have a far greater variety of food available to us today than ever before, and where this variety means more and not less nutrition available to our bodies despite the depletion in our soils.

Consider also that within the last several centuries man relied mostly on locally grown produce and where there was far more scarcity in times of crop failures and the resultant food shortages, and where fasting was forced upon local populations such as in the great Irish famine. Did these people suffer from food shortages and what they termed as starvation? Yes. Of course they did and where they also suffered from nutritional deficiencies.

However, Global transportation means that more of natures bounty is available to those who want it, and where in the western world this is far more varied than has ever been the case in history, so your argument doesn't really hold water i'm afraid.

Out of season food though still ripens and where fruit and vegetables are still alkaline even when they are ripened in this way out of season.

Your comment that curezone "experts" state that anyone born after 1990 will only live to be 40 years of age is ridiculous: the body is infinitely adaptable in accommodating to its environment and surroundings: take for example the case of a smoker, where this is known to cause lung and other cancers. It takes years for the body to be so abused by the tar and other chemicals within tobacco to become diseased, as the body adapts to the poisons ingested; this was highlighted by the cause and effect of disease and tolerance of the body to external influences as espoused by Shelton, Tilden and all Natural Hygienists. One of these Laws is "THE LAW OF VITAL ACCOMMODATION" which is too lengthy to go into any detail here, but is described amply in Sheltons book "HUMAN LIFE its PHILOSOPHY & LAWS."

The laws that govern our being enable the body to adapt and tolerate whatever environmental toxins/poisons that it has been exposed to, and where fasting is the only way of eliminating these, albeit over a longer period of time than was accomplished previously in a cleaner ecological environment. So my statement that fasting has the same benefits today as of yesterday still rings true, because the chemistry/physiology of the body has NOT changed.........only the length of time in accomplishing its goal of cleansing and healing has changed.

The mineral content of food is something to be concerned about as revealed by Dr Joel Wallach and others, and which is why I rely on the organic supplementation of my diet, and why Orthomolecular Medicine has gained such a foot hold. The assimilation of these supplements has been shown to be up to 98% or more absorbable by the body in this approach to health-recovery.

Again I do not agree with you about mineral reserves: did mouseclick have a problem with his mineral reserves during his 27 day fast, or lulu have a problem with hers on her extended fast, or I in the the late 1970's on my two extended fasts when I lived on a malnourished diet previously for most of 24 years? No. I don't think so.

No one is bending the truth Chiron or oversimplifying anything especially as I am a WYSIWYG sort of person, and tells it as it is.

The statement I made was not a rejoinder to Anya but merely a statement of my beliefs born out of experience and the experience of others in the study of the human frame and how it reacts to fasting.......over the last 30 years.

I only deal with facts Chiron, and which are as up to the minute in information as you will find anywhere.

My beef with Anya is her negativity and the disruption she has brought to this forum and where she has a fixation on credentials, and who disregards with impunity and cynicism those who "google for answers". She is no expert on fasting, and where this is a Water Fasting support forum for those who did not know it.


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