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Re: Response
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Response

"I think you entirely missed the point on her so called attacks to Steve.

One could say attacking someone by faux diagnosing them based on a few questions is judgemental and quick.

I believe that was her point."

You are correct. It wasn't an attack on Steve at all. I was simply making the point that it is not appropriate to make a diagnosis based on someone's postings on the internet.

I too have spent time reading through many of Lauray's posts and blog entries. Strangely... many of the things that I've read are not being mentioned by those who have been so quick to assume the nature of her problem. And YES... she WAS told by several people on this forum that she had an Eating Disorder!

No where have I seen any mention of her indicating that she had intestinal problems that went back to her early childhood and that she has connected a great deal of her mood imbalances to her digestive system and toxicity... which is consistent with the experience of many here on CureZone. Nor have I seen anyone refer to her fasting as a means to beginning a raw food diet... also advocated by many here on CureZone. I have also read that she does indeed acknowledge being thin... but also indicated that she is happy with her body as it is... which is NOT the thinking of someone with anorexia. She has repeatedly been told that she needs to get help... and yet it appears that no one has taken notice of the fact that she has been in therapy, 12 Step Programs, Overeaters Anonymous, Codependence Anonymous and considering Debtors Anonymous... and then had her post is transfered to the Anorexia/Bulimia Forum (which was then transferred to another forum)....


So... she's already turning to all sorts of sources to get 'help'... and then posts on CureZone for another source of support... only to have her post transferred to an ED forum where other people might be able to to 'help' her... and then repeatedly told that she needs to get 'help'. Is anyone really reading her posts?

She's been accused of not accepting any help from people on this forum... and yet if you will read the following post... you will see that she has clearly indicated that what the most helpful thing for her is to have witness to what she is sharing... and nothing more...


What is so difficult about being a witness to someone else's experience? Is your 'positive' attitude so fragile that you can't tolerate reading about someone else's challenges and the emotions that go along with it? Do you really believe that she is the only person that struggles with fasting? Has it occurred to you that others who are dealing with the same struggle might find inspiration in her determination of not giving up?

And have you considered that the digestive and toxicity problems of which she's spoken about may have something to do with the difficulties she's having with her moods and motivation... not to mention all of the other stress in her life?

How ironic that this is what she had to say in her first post...


Is it possible that one of the reasons for the conflict is because she has a different approach to fasting than some of the other... more prominent members... on this forum? Are other approaches to Water Fasting supported on this forum?

Speaking of support... I've read several of her posts where she speaks of making progress... and yet this is repeatedly discounted. I've also read some of the most nasty and vicious attacks against her that have been allowed to remain on this 'support' forum... while those who are raising legitimate questions and concerns about the way in which this was addressed are being accused of being 'negative' and disruptive. Strange behavior from people claiming to care so much about the wellbeing of another poster. And it has nothing to do with being a layperson... it's about treating someone as a human being.

As for the original poster in this thread... given the response they received... and the fact that their questions weren't addressed... I wouldn't come back either.

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