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Yeah But....
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Published: 13 years ago
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Yeah But....

It's amazing how so many republicans are already blaming obummer for things the shrub is doing or has already done, and obummer hasn't even spent a day in office yet. The brainwashing being spewed out by republican talk show hosts is exactly what was being done by the hitler party. Yet it's obummer's fault. What a crock.

Anyway, yes it's scary how obummer is going to "create a civilian defense force stronger than our military". That's right out of a page from hitler too. You won't be able to trust anyone, and that's what they want. Everyone being fearful of everything, all the time.

One point I'm trying to make is, obummer's is only completing the job the shrub started. There's only one party we vote for, and anybody who doesn't realize this is still the fool.

And the things the author was saying is going to happen is just the tip of the ice berg. What's about to happen is way more than food and water being cut off and your neighbor spying on you. Waaaaaay more. Think of how much it cost to do 911. 1 or 2 million? Well they have over 2 trillion for the next "event". Rumsfield publicly admitted there was 2 trillion missing from the Iraq budget and that's on top of the 25% they "can't account for" on average too. They're goal is to create armageddon just like the Bible described and they have the tools and money to do it. So you better get ready. Now.

The author hasn't even taken into account that the poles are changing very rapidly now. (Google south atlantic anomaly) In the last 30 years an area south of Africa is changing to a north charge instead of south like it's supposed to be. I think maybe that's why the bombs were exploded in the artic last month. In the hopes that it may accelerate this process. And, the author isn't even taking into account that our solar system is going to line up with the plain of the galaxy in 2012. All the planets in our solar system are already warming up for this. These two thing alone are probably going to change the face of the Earth. Add the NWO tricks with they're huge budget and what do you get? You get a living hell. No food, power, water, worthless money, pandemic, some kind of "attack" just to name a few, and there are things I think could happen I don't even want to talk about.

But it's global and it's going to be HUGE, GIGANTIC, beyond belief for most people. Like the author said, people will be screaming and demanding to be saved and gladly be chipped, watched, drugged, controlled and enslaved. One world government, religion, army, and economy.

In the end the top people behind the NWO will be known. The people above the Rockefeller's and such, because they're not the top. They're just the face. The top will show their faces when the time is right. And this simple act will blow people away too, but don't fall for it. These people will appear to be wonderful in many ways, but remember what got them there.

The key is to hold onto what's good and right no matter what. Never bow down to any of them or any part of their plan. Don't participate in any way. Simply survive and do what is right. Their plan is pure evil and will self destruct. We don't have to help it in any way. It goes against universal laws like Karma and cannot survive. The universe and the Earth will not allow it to survive either. In the end, the people that are "good" will bring in a new age of peace. A world living on a higher plain than money, sex and power. People living the way we're meant to live, instead of living the way we've been programmed to live. Which is separated, divided and fighting amongst ourselves while they silently take everything behind our backs. There really is no separation or division, there are only those thoughts. So get ready. This is either the greatest disaster or the greatest opportunity coming. Are you going to bow down to evil or stand up and be counted on the side of good no matter what? It's your choice. I've made my decision and my knees are tired of bowing down. :-)

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