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Re: I wish you success!
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: I wish you success!

Hi barefeetndaisies, thanks for your comments.

In your case you are genuinely overweight, I can see that you have posted your weight and got down from 235 to 224, but may have put some of this back on now. Oh and in one post-fast post you had 253 pounds in the title but 235 in the text, I hope that's a mis type!! It is, isn't it?

Oh and why do I read previous posts? I will explain...

I get quite a few emails through Curezone, asking me "how do you do it?" and so on, and I used to reply blindly, but when I see many people fail and fail again, I look at their past posts and the ones who fail are always the ones who post "please help me", "starting 60 day fast tomorrow" and "Broke my fast, I am a loser" type posts, and often never state their weight and height. It's as if they see me swimming across a river, then ask me how I did in and I say "I just moved my arms and kicked my legs" (the equivalent of "I just drank water"). Then they follow me and get into difficulties because they cant swim.

Yes, it seems I have many followers who are drowning in the river. So I am careful to read past posts now before I comment, and generally am very cynical when someone starts off posting for the first time with a promise to do a long fast. The ones that succeed here are generally the ones asking questions or have previous successful experiences, and not those making blind commitments. The ones making commitments usually don't even want to listen to advice.

In your case though, I would say you stand a good chance of success (subject to that 253 figure being an error!!). This is because you seem to be confident, and have a good outlook. Your first post was titled "New to fasting altogether! What can I expect?", that's what I like to hear! You later went on to correctly spot how bad diet is responsible, and you clearly ARE over weight, and you have realized it's time for change (Obamaspeak, haha).

Anyway, I wish you every success. You have recognised you have a problem with sweet stuff, and this is great. I must admit I didn't have that, I gave up sweet things many years ago. But you are making an attempt to eat fresh food - which is great. I think your biggest problem could be stress. That can screw it up (I speak from experience). So I wish you a very restful 7-10 days!

So please keep us posted of your progress. I would love to see another success story. And of course if you have clicked on my profile pic or read my recent posts you will know that I think 7 - 10 day fasts are good for weight loss. In your case I would say even go on a bit longer just to see what it's like, IF and only if you are up for it. It might help with re-educating your taste buds. But most importantly, do it day by day, and listen to what your body is saying.

Good luck on your fast, and I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving!

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