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Re: My two cents.
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: My two cents.

some people just can't see beyond "us against them" attitude. Add a lot of wrong assumptions to the mix and you get to wrong conclusions.

This was not about pharma vs. natural medicine, or whichever way you may want to put it. That type of thinking was planted in minds of many by the sensationalist media where everything is a competition and everyone is at odds. Today you can't even watch a cooking show or pretty models without that being turned into a competition, and one side being against the other. Leave that for the playground. This is adult's world now. Serious stuff. Lives are in danger, people's health is ruined.

Personally I don't care whether a compound is synthetic or natural one. I only care about results. Am I going to get better without damaging something else? Then I'll take it. Am I going to get poisoned by it or not get better? Then I'll pass. Simple as that. Who makes it, pharma or God, I couldn't care less. In the end, it all comes from God anyway.

Consciously limiting oneself to only one type of cure, in this case natural cures, is a bad thing as most deadly parasites cannot be cured with that. Do you even know about natural compounds and herbs that are just as dangerous as pharma stuff? Want to take those papaya seeds as an antiparasitical cure? Make sure you don't loose your fertility in the process. It takes only about a month of everyday use. Luckily, that infertility should be reversible... (would you want to try and see if you become fertile again?)

Your thinking about legal vs. illegal drugs is also along those same lines "us against them" and wrong as such.

There are MANY ways of obtaining prescription drugs in a perfectly legal way, without a script. First of all, if you order a drug from abroad, most countries will allow you to import them, provided they are not a controlled substance. Do you really think that someone at the border is going to mind that you may have a box of Antibiotics on you or addressed to you? Did you know that bringing with you your personal drugs into a country is perfectly legal in most countries? How else would some heart patient travel around?

Then there are other options: many people in the states (this is assuming wrongly that everyone who comes here is an american, which is not true) can travel outside their country, like to Mexico and buy whatever they want while there. Then they can drink it there, get better and then return to their country. Is that illegal?

In Europe it takes merely half an hour to an hour to get from one country to another. Heck, in a day you could drive from one end of Europe to another, like from Greece to France, and pass through God knows how many countries in the process.

Or how about this: a friend of mine gets in his car, drives over the border, buys a medication he needs and goes back home the same day. Illegal? Not. It was not a controlled substance, it was just an antibiotic.

So buying drugs is not illegal. What you do with them may be illegal - like if you sell them or if you ship them to a place which doesn't allow those same drugs. And then of course there is always an option of finding a friendly MD who will trust you and prescribe what you wnat to try. I knew one MD like that, you just told him what you wanted, he made sure it was relatively safe and gave it to you.

A lot of drugs are really not that toxic, so trying them may be better then doing nothing. Others are, so you do tests first to see if you could benefit from it. And some drugs as well as some herbs may be safe on their own, but deadly in some combination! That's what this forum was good for. Exchanging those experiences and warnings.

But, God forbid that you should get sick from say S. mansoni, or E. histolytica, or Malaria, or T. gondii, or any of the microsporidia, or even scattered Tapeworm cysts... there is absolutely NO NATURAL way to cure yourself from those. None. Period. Nothing you may try will even make them know you are trying anything; at best you may just help scatter them even deeper in your tissue. And let me know when you find a natural cure that will definitely cure systemic or chronic aspergilloses - fungal disease which often is deadly when it develops in brain or lungs.

And before I finish with this rant, find out what you can about some of the most deadly and toxic substance known to man. It is a perfectly natural thing, and it's oil is used as a herbal remedy! But it's seeds have that compound and if you take it, you die the worst death you can imagine. Hence, even if you can buy the oil coming from it in most stores, you'd be thrown in jail if you had those seeds on you (rightfully so). What's the plant? The same one that gives you castor oil. Yet the poison from it's seeds is so potent, that it was used by KGB to carry out some political murders back in the 60s and 70s. A tiny little needle just soaked in that poison was enough to kill a person. Imagine that - a fraction of a drop is deadly. I'll take a pharmaceutical drug over that natural poison any time.

There, I tried clearing up some of the illusions, there are probably many more...

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