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Going to try your protocol...
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Published: 11 years ago

Going to try your protocol...

Well,, I'm thinking about it, just because you have so many positive testimonials to back it and everyone here seems so positive. Its honestly refreshing because 90% of curezone is full of people who are scrambling trying different methods without success (me being one of them lol). What is also impressive is that you are a good enough person to help people without asking for money. Its really amazing when someone can come up with a working protocol that can cure all kinds of sickness and disease... but I have some questions.

First I should probably explain some of my health history.. when I was young I seemed to have some very bad health problems such as asthma and serious allergic reactions. Eventually around age 11-13 I grew out of these problems but started smoking cigarettes and abusing weed & alcohol, I was getting wasted way to often. Later on in life around the age of 15-16 I started to feel off, like something in my body was wrong or out of balance. Around this same time my lips started peeling thick layers of skin and I was going through some pretty bad anxiety because of it. Anyways long story short after multiple lifestyle changes, 1000's of dollars of supplements, plenty of infrared sauna sessions and more my lips improved quite drastically.. I also don't have chronic fatigue anymore but unfortunately I can't pinpoint what had the actually effect or if it was just everything overall that helped me improve my condition. Anyways, now it seems I'm stuck at a plateau and I can't get past it. My lips haven't improved in a couple of years, I'm currently on TCM herbal meds and I'm also getting accupuncture sessions to expel excess heat from my gut, it doesn't seem to be helping but I do believe the doctor in his diagnosis that this problem is caused by spleen/stomach/intestinal heat.

Anyways back to your protocol, I was wondering if I can still be healed if I don't do the foot baths and the bathing in baking soda.. to be honest I'm just not interested in that part. Will the protocol still help me?

Also, moreless I was hoping to get your opinion on ionized alkaline water.. I'm sure you know a lot about pH, I'm thinking of buying one of these machines because if you skim past all the marketing vultures it seems like an amazing product. I've been looking into customer reviews and I've only seen 1 bad one so far.. everyone else is raving about it. I did find a few sites that said alkaline water is dangerous and will throw off your entire system... I just need to know which one is true. IF you could share any knowlede you have on this it would be great.




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