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Re: I am NOT fasting anymore until..
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: I am NOT fasting anymore until..


There is no 'situation' in my case or it is very simple - I have eating disorder (without going into details) but my case is NOT that bad at all. It is curable - BY ME.

And God could help me if I HELP MYSELF. I am not going to go with a flow and just accept everything without fighting for what is really matters to me. God DEFINITELY helps those ones who helps THEMSELVES. I know it from my own experience (and I do not mean my eating habits now). If u go with a flow and blindly accept what is on ur way - there is no guarantee that u will be where u are hoping to be. Make sense?

Recently I have come across one website called

Interesting or better to say sickening in a way. 'Good' welcome from the start: This site is designed purely for those already suffering with an ED. I would not recommend this to anyone who is not already suffering. Therefore, if you do not have ana or mia, I ask you to leave now.

Then a mixture of everything goes: desire to help --> desire 'to kill'--> again desire to 'kill' --> pretending to help....

then some 'smart' thinspiration' of very skinny people - 'BEAUTY'!...

some quotes -

Starvation is control, control is tough. Bones are beautiful, when skinny just isn't enough.

Anorexia is like a game; you play, you win, & then it's over… or you keep playing till you loose.

You cannot eat it all and still be thin... (so why not to eat a lot of healthy food and still look and feel great, I ask?)

Better dead than fed

I stare at her ribs that show through the spandex. Her little legs are working. She's going somewhere.

Say it NOW and say it LOUD, I'm ANEREXIC and I'm PROUD! (??????????????????)

Or this one.. 'smart' website gives some tricks and tips how to hurt urself quicker and surely:

* Walk to a store and try on clothes that are too tight or get some magazines with models in them and look at them
* Squeeze your butt cheeks together and look at them in the mirror or feel them
* Smoke a cigarette (or two or three)
* Wear a rubberband around your wrist- snap it every time you think about eating something
* Punch yourself in the stomach
* The busy trick, stay at the computer or in another room, have someone make food for you, put it in a plastic bag and bring it out 15 minutes later, dispose of the bag asap
* Look up pro-ana sites or go to pro-ana chat
* Watch a movie with thin people in it or scan the TV channels for thin people
* Think of something disgusting, like maggots on roadkill
* The opaque glass trick- this is when you’re around people and have to eat, be careful with this one, take a bite, chew it, and spit it into the glass so it looks like you’re taking a sip of something-practice this one before doing it in front of anyone
* Go into the kitchen a lot and take a lot of time nibbling-people will think you’re always eating.
* Put on tight pants and take off your shirt-look in the mirror
* spank the monkey-kills time, calories, hunger, and takes your mind off of things.
* Shave your legs
* weigh yourself
* Brush your teeth
* Spin around and around in circles, it will make you too dizzy and nauseous to eat
* Drink water, water, water, before meals, after meals, during meals, when meals won’t be happening, all the TIME
*Focus on enjoying the hunger, it means you’re succeeding

Is it not sickening??? Does that website really help people or just help them to meet God quicker than they suppose to?


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