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--Success Testimonial--amazing results with drink: Now have Peace of mind & Calmness, Better Energy, less Depression & Anxiety & Better Emotions, No desire for addictions, Chronic Fatigue Gone, stomach troubles Gone,desire for Junk foods Gone, now dealing with candida using grapefruit seed extract
Published: 13 years ago
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--Success Testimonial--amazing results with drink: Now have Peace of mind & Calmness, Better Energy, less Depression & Anxiety & Better Emotions, No desire for addictions, Chronic Fatigue Gone, stomach troubles Gone,desire for Junk foods Gone, now dealing with candida using grapefruit seed extract

HI I AM NEW TO THE MORELESS forum and I want to share where I am in regards to his protocol and ask questions about Candida and my other concerns with where I am with the protocol. I have had Candida over twenty years along with depression. Other symptoms are a coated white tongue and a rash that I have used different antifungal topical medications for the same amount of time (twenty years) to heal, but they only stopped the itching and provide no cure. Recently my diet has finally changed for the better, but sticking to any diet has always been a problem. For one thing, the more unhealed emotional issues and traumas a person has , the harder it is to cut out sweets and junk food as they tend to numb the emotions, so I have studied everything I can to deal with my emotions and heal past losses and traumas, and in the past year have made great progress in that regard. Basically I would consider my emotional challenges as PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome) .
In order to establish a base line of where I was before starting the protocol, let me say that along with the Candida and depression, I had chronic fatigue which was becoming very disabling. I also have had stomach problems for ten years and can eat very little in one sitting, and often feel like I need to vomit, and sometimes do. I recently have had so many food allergies that I got down to 122 pounds, and I am six feet tall (I could not eat anything without it making me horrible sick or vomiting) got very scared about that, and blood tests and ultrasounds revealed no troubles and no stones. The stomach problems started immediately after eating at a Chinese restaurant over ten years ago. I started vomiting, I had a panic attack and heart palpitations and thought I was going to die. Over the years these symptoms were greatly lessened but under stress and poor diet they sometimes returned. I also had horrible memory problems and add and adhd type symptoms. I also Have an ongoing fight with a mold infestation where I live, the source of the mold has been eliminated, but it took two years to get other family members to agree that the mold was real and to remedy the situation (I had a leaking shower stall, and when finally replaced after two years, horrible black mold was revealed underneath, and it turned out that there never was not even an underlying shower pan, only black tarp paper that was eaten up with black mold, and I am still not sure there is not more mold in the house or the ac ductwork!!! I just feel tired all of the time, and nothing seems to increase my energy. I had extreme anxiety and was going thru a “dark night of the soul”, and increasing concern and anxiety over my low levels of energy. The week before I took the drink, it took me almost two weeks just to put a distributor on my car; I never really had any abundant energy to work on a car lately. Other symptoms seemed to indicate more of a possible thyroid condition, so I took a thyroid profile but everything looked ok, however my symptoms were extreme sensitivity to cold or heat, again, pointing to possible thryoid problems. Any change in cold or heat would make me sick and give me extreme anxiety. I was just fixing to take more thyroid tests when I started the protocol. I saw a medical intuitive who said I had hyperthyroidism and a lung problem, but of course that is exactly what I had been suspecting all along, so she could have simply read my mind. Basically, I was just a mess.
First of all, let me say that about a week ago I started the alkalizing drink. I had been reading earlier posts that did not mention sipping it slowly, and somehow I missed that. Anyway, so I made the drink (without the kelp) and I used only about a teaspoon of the pickling lime that first day. I gulped it right down. In a few minutes I was astonished. I had a natural energy flow and an equally natural feeling of euphoria and peace and well being. I was quite surprised. This lasted a few hours, but late in the day I got so sleepy and tired that I barely made it home and had to crash. The only other response to the drink was a slight runny nose later in the day. . Let me please add that I also started doing a technique called oil pulling on the same day. I also had recently started taking a liquid live food vitamin; mineral and green drink etc., along with a liquid extra strength multiple B vitamins.
Day two: I used a full tablespoon of the pickling lime water in the drink (still not using the kelp), again I gulped it down and I noticed the same euphoria, like a natural cure for depression, and an undercurrent of energy (not hyper, very peaceful). I still had a slight runny nose later in the evening, and I got very tired later on in the day, but not as tired.
Day three: well I finally went over the protocol very carefully (the PDF that Evan created of the moreless protocol), and I noticed that it said to sip it slowly. So basically I just took a gulp every fifteen minutes or so until two hours were up. Again, same euphoria but not that tired, still had a runny nose later in the day.
Day four: I increased the pickling lime water to two tablespoons and found out that I could now handle it. I felt great!!!!!! I could not afford kelp in powdered form at the time , so I simply did the best I could and I used a liquid kelp (at least that is what it said on the bottle, said something about using it if you were low on iodine). I muscle tested the kelp which told me to use about 8 drops, which I did. Anyway, what happened that day and in the next several days was immense. At first (and this did not totally ever go away; I went into an emotional detox). Now here is a really interesting point. The drink gave me the capability to view old emotional issues (or just feelings that would come up during the day) and face them calmly. Even though I was emotionally detoxing, there was an undercurrent of calm and peace and strength that CREATED A FOUNDATION SO THAT I COULD DEAL WITH THE OLD TRAUMAS AND EMOTIONS, and along with this a substantial change in my behaviors and reactions to my feelings. Whereas before, if an uncomfortable feeling or memory was about to surface, I might quickly numb it out with my addictions (whether it be internet surfing, reading, watching TV, drinking a soda or eating sugar, or just being overly busy, etc). But now, I had no desire to act out with an addiction, I just processed the emotion, and again, I believe it was because now I had the nutritional foundation to do so. A very interesting note here for anyone who has ever dealt with depression. I have tried a few antidepressant medications, but never over three days for any one. They were all crap and Prozac gave me homicidal thoughts (don’t’ worry folks , due to processing my emotions and meditating etc I simply witnessed the thoughts but did not identify with them, although I worried about someone else who might take something as insane as Prozac who did not know how to witness their emotions). Let me stop digressing and get straight to the point, One medication I took for depression (only three days) was Zoloft, it took away my libido, made me tired, however it did one thing for me that the moreless drink does, in that it allowed me to processs my emotions better, except the side effects of the Zoloft were horrible so I stopped. I talked to a therapist who said that that is what a good antidepressant should do, it should take the edge off of (in actuality, the terror) of your emotions so you can deal with them, which is what Zoloft and the drink both did, yet the drink did it naturally and added a natural state of calmness, peace and energy. So let me state right here that the drink and being in a state of alkalinity can be a natural antidepressant for possible many people, it certainly was for me.
Back to my story: that night I went to the park and walked three miles with incredible energy, never tiring. In the next few days I felt a new strength I have not ever felt in my life. One day I woke up and had what was hopefully an intuitive insight, which was the thought, “secret agent man (of course my real name was used) you are not sick, you were just acidic”. I kept drinking the drink once a day and found out that I never tired. I had no afternoon slump in energy and I had energy all the way up to bedtime and even then I was not tired. I could not believe it, how could I go from chronic disabling fatigue to an abundance of energy in just a few days? My anxiety was melting away, I had an inner strength that was real, yet I was dumbfounded by my good fortune. . My stomach troubles started to go away, and I also had another welcomed desire. As long as I drank the drink, ALL DESIRE FOR SUGAR AND ANY ACIDIC FOOD WAS GONE. I had no desire to eat or drink junk food and my desire for meat was gone and I wanted veggies and fruits. Within a few days, I went from an almost emotional cripple disabled depressed man to an energetic calm man. I called a friend who is familiar with alkalizing the body, and our notes concurred. She said that when she sticks to an alkalizing diet that she finds herself naturally more spiritual, and believes that the spiritual state is a more alkaline state, and that diet can help get there.
I felt I had a new lease on life and started attacking strangers in the street (well, not really but I did start sharing even to strangers about the drink, trying to lead them to cure zone and the moreless ph forum).
To sum up the difference in what the drink did for me (I also did the baths with Epsom salt and Hydrogen peroxide a few times but did not get the same results as the drink) in just a few days, here it is again: Chronic fatigue gone, stomach troubles gone, desire for junk food and acid foods gone, anxiety greatly lessened, and a new foundation was created to deal with emotions, and yes, also let me say that from my point of view, lifelong depression was healed (I was still emotionally detoxing but not depressed in a clinical sense, and overall, I felt great!!!!!
Also, I was getting more and more resistance to changes in temperature (hot and cold), but most of all an inner sense of great strength I never knew. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!
My only concern was the Candida and the Candida rash. I had several bananas for a couple of days and the rash flared up, so I started taking grapefruit seed extract that had 125 mg of Grapefruit Seed Extract
with Echinacea and Artemisia Annua in it. I have read that GSE is alkalizing to the blood, but I am not sure on this. Anyway, after two days on the GSE my stomach became sensitive again and I was very drained. I read a lot about die off from Candida and figured that probably I was experiencing die off. OF course I could also be allergic either to the GSE or the other herbs in the product. I do not feel good now, and I am very tired and anxiety has returned along with a sensitive stomach. . I did some searching on cure zone about Candida and ph, and I have a question concerning all of this. Am I correct in assuming that when a ph level of 7 to 7.5 is achieved that the Candida will go dormant? And if so, then would it be best to just leave the Candida alone for a while (take nothing to kill it) and just give the moreless protocol a chance to change my acidic state to alkaline? Of course I did read the PDF about taking probiotics, and I am taking pb8 (I try not to mention the name of products but I decided to mention this one) but I am not sure if it is a strong enough probiotic to change my flora balance, and I am not taking it every day..
I would also like to say that I stopped taking the liquid kelp product after two days or so, because I am going to have more thyroid tests done, and some thyroid experts say that iodine and/or kelp will throw off the blood tests, so until then I must do the drink without the kelp. I did notice the greatest energy when I used the kelp, so I wonder if my thyroid is part of my problem, and if so, I wonder if becoming alkaline would cure that? I certainly believe it is possible.
So I would like anyone to respond that is on the moreless protocol that has or used to have Candida and let me know if they still tried to address the Candida with GSE or other natural antifungals or Candida protocols while at the same time staying on the moreless protocol. I did read some testimonies on the moreless forum concerning Candida where Candida was cured, , but in general I would appreciate some responses from anyone else dealing with this situation. And also if anyone else is trying to kill Candida, what supplements in general did they used to deal with die off? I just did a lot of searching on cure zone and read that sweating six times a week is suppose to allow the dead Candida to leave (I am assuming with the sweat). I also read that Candex is an enzyme that effectively disables the Candida but does not cause die off. I have been taking charcoal tablets to deal with die off, and they do help, but I am concerned that for long term it might not be good (they gave me diarrhea), and I wonder if Charcoal makes me acidic? I also read that orthinine and I believe it was called arginine can help prevent die off. Any suggestions and help appreciated and of course I welcome Moreless’s input. I obviously will try not to make my posts this long, but I did so to establish where I am at that beginning of my quest on this protocol so that others can take note of my improvements and mistakes and re-adjustments in order to give them hope, because moreless has given me tremendous hope.

Peace light love healing. SECRET AGENT MAN


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