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Magnetic Water
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Published: 11 years ago

Magnetic Water


Magnetic Water    

    Magnetic water remains a little known treatment in the field of magnetic therapy plus there is always much speculation as to the validity of magnetizing water. Despite this skepticism magnetic water remains one of magnet therapies most powerful treatments. Many scientists and doctors profess that it is impossible to magnetize water, that water quite simply can not hold a magnetic charge, my answer to these people is , “do a little more scientific research and you will find that all water in it’s natural state (such as a spring) has a magnetic charge”.

<!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]-->     In order to fully understand how magnetized water does work, it is important to know a little bit about the water that comes out of your tap. The original source of water is mountain streams, which flow into rivers and eventually out to sea. The water has had contact with both over ground and under ground during the passage to the sea. As the water passes under ground (many rivers and streams pass under ground) it comes into contact with the earth’s magnetic field, the magnetic charge is passed into the water and it becomes magnetized. Similarly as the water flows over ground it comes into contact with magnetic rock (lodestone) and water is again magnetized.

    Once water is collected for consumption, it has to be treated and purified. During transportation to the treatment plant the water is carried in under ground metal pipes. The water is de-magnetized by the presence of the metallic lining of the pipes and when it is purified and comes out of the tap it is no longer magnetized. If you drink water from a spring at its source it will be magnetized. The benefits of spring water have long been recognized, how ever once the water is bottled and removed from the source it will only keep it’s magnetism for 3 days before it dissipates. It is not possible to permanently magnetize water.

Magnetic Water

How magnetic fields affect water?

    Water seems, at first sight, to be a very simple molecule, consisting of just two hydrogen atoms attached to an oxygen atom. Indeed, there are very few molecules that are smaller or lighter

Once a water molecule has been exposed to a magnetic field the molecule changes in several ways:

1. The molecule increases in size, this increases the water solubility and permeability (the ability to disperse and penetrate other substances). The increase in permeability assists in the dissolution of nutritional substances and improves the body's absorption of water as well as the nutritional substances. Also when the size of the water molecule is increased its ability to absorb toxins is much greater.

2. The surface tension and density of the water is increased. The increased surface tension, permeability and density all combine to improve the intake of nutrition in the body's cell structure. Increased surface tension allows the cell membrane of the food to expand rapidly. This is beneficial to digestion. The increase in density also aids in the absorption of nutrition.

3. The ions in the water are affected. This has the effect of reducing free radicals contained within the water (free radicals are harmful substances found in the body). A further benefit of the alteration to the ion states of both calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate is this: the structure of these compounds (which are the cause of the scale build up in water pipes, kettles, taps etc) changes resulting in a much decreased build up of scale due to the looser nature of the ions. This decrease in scale build up has resulted in extensive use of magnetized water in central heating systems, water cooling systems in engines, recycling water systems and house water systems.

Magnetic Water

Biological and Therapeutic Functions of magnetized water

    The following biological and therapeutic functions have already been identified and verified by experiment:

• It can prevent damage to the endothelium (the layer of scale like cells that line the inside of the blood and lymph vessels, also found in the lining of the heart and some other body cavities). This has the effect of inhibiting the build up of cholesterol, thereby greatly reducing the chances of cerebral and cardiac arteriosclerosis (thickening and hardening of the arteries).

<!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]--> • The viscosity of the water is lowered, resulting in improved blood flow thereby aiding in the prevention of cerebral and cardiac thrombosis (clotting of the blood in the circulatory system resulting in the obstruction or complete blockage of the blood flow).

• Magnetized water greatly improves the solubility of calcium thereby inhibiting crystallization and, in fact, dissolving already formed calculus (any hard, solid, concretion or deposit in any part of the body, such as kidney stones) allowing it to become smaller, looser and easily broken. It is therefore helpful in the treatment and prevention of kidney and cholecystitis (gallstones).

• It has been found to seemingly increase the weight of the spleen (which has various functions in modifying the structure of the blood) and thymus, heightening the body's production of disease resistant antibodies, whilst also aiding anti-aging.

• It has been found to seemingly increase the content of the body's immunoglobulin and enhance the phagocytes (the action or process of leucocytes [white blood cells] attacking bacteria) of the liver, spleen and blood vessels endothelium. This is of considerable benefit to the cellular immune system.

• It can lower the content of blood plasma urea and free amino acid aiding in the prevention of renal failure..

• Magnetized water has been shown to assist in the protection of the stomach mucous, promote small intestine movement and increase the active dissolution of food, there by alleviating the level of the pathological process of stress induced ulcers.

• Gargling with magnetized water may fight gum disease..

• The treating scope of magnetized water is such that it can prevent, alleviate or cure arteriosclerosis, hypertension (abnormally high blood pressure, especially in the arteries, or a diseased condition of which this is the chief symptom), coronary heart diseases are also able to be treated.

    Experimental study and clinical observation have demonstrated that there are no side effects from drinking magnetized water over a long period of time.
    This is not “witch doctory” or “hokum” it is a scientifically proven and remarkably effective way of radically increasing the power of magnets. In short, when you drink water that has been magnetized the magnetism travels into the stomach and is absorbed into the blood steam through the bowel wall; it is then very rapidly distributed around the whole body.

    Of course the magnetic field that is circulating around the body has the same effect on the inside as the magnetic field has on the outside of the body. It will reduce inflammation with in the body plus increase blood flow and oxygenation of the tissues, especially around any damaged areas.
    Think about it, when you drink magnetized water you are tackling your problem from inside and outside at the same time. This 2 sided approach will most definitely increase the strength of the magnetic field at the point of pain plus it will also speed up the healing process by increasing the absorption rate of the magnetic field by an amazing 10 times.

Magnetic Water

Detoxifying with magnetized water

    Your body stores harmful   <!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]-->toxins with in the tissues (dermis) of the skin, to keep the toxins from poisoning the body they are stored in small pockets of fluid, this is seen as cellulite and feels like lots of little raised bumps ( the body can store an extra 2 litres/4½ pints of fluid containing toxins in the tissues). Toxins are released during many processes in the body such as: during the inflammation process, from the breakdown of medications (particularly painkillers and high blood pressure tablets), from the chemicals and additives in food and from environmental pollution. Toxins are normally detoxified by the liver and sent to the kidneys for excretion (expulsion of waste products). Some toxins are potentially harmful to your body and can not be safely detoxified by the liver.
    As magnetized water increases the size of the water molecule its ability to absorb toxins is much greater, so as the magnetism water is absorbed into the blood stream and transported around the body harmful toxins are drawn out of the tissues and safely transported to the liver and then onto the kidneys for excretion from the body.
    In a nutshell, you can lose as much as 2 litres (4½ pints) of excess fluid that you don’t need. The knock on effect of losing this excess waste fluid is that you will have so much more energy plus you will feel less tired, sleeping will be easier and generally you will have a great sense of wellbeing.

Magnetizing other liquids

    The magnetized fluid that you drink doesn’t have to be water. It can be any cold liquid. Obviously it is better for your body if you do drink water (the Dept of Health recommends drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day) but some people do not like the taste of water or simply do not drink very much water, if you can’t face drinking that amount or don’t like the taste of water then you can magnetize any cold alternative, such as milk, squash, fruit juice, fizzy drinks or even alcohol. Many people claim that placing a water wand into a bottle of wine, or standing the wine on a magnetic coaster improves both the clarity and the taste. See our bio-magnetic water page

Magnetic Water

The effects of the magnetic fields have on the taste of water.

    Depending on the where you live magnetizing water may have no effect at all on the taste of your water or it may dramatically improve the taste of the water. This is due to the vast differences in the calcium and magnesium (the minerals that make up lime scale) content of the water. Most people will be familiar with the terms hard and soft water, hard water refers to water containing a high concentration of calcium and magnesium and soft water refers to water with low concentration levels.
    Water that is hard contains calcium and magnesium compounds. Rain water is naturally soft - it does not contain any minerals, but as it seeps through the ground it can pick up minerals, such as calcium and magnesium compounds, from the soil and rocks it passes through. If rain water passes through soft rocks like chalk or limestone, it picks up these minerals. If it passes through hard rocks, such as granite or through peaty soils, it does not pick up these minerals and so remains soft.
    Hard water causes pipes to fur up and scale to collect in kettles and in electric irons and washing machines. If the scale collects on heating elements it shortens their life and makes appliances less efficient. It is also more difficult to work up a lather from soap, washing up liquid and washing powders. It can also cause "tide marks" on basins, sinks, baths and toilets.
The map below shows generally hard and soft water areas. The map is only an indication because even hard water areas can contain pockets of soft water and vice versa. You can get detailed information from your water company.

    If you live in a hard water area you will notice quite a considerable difference in the taste of your water once it has been magnetized. The magnetic field reduces the calcium and magnesium content in the water, which softens the water and improves the taste. If you already drink soft water, you will probably notice very little difference or no difference at all to the taste of your water once it has been magnetized.
    Magnetized water may sound like a panacea for all illnesses and ailments but unfortunately it isn’t that simple. Magnetized water has numerous benefits for the body and it will boost the strength of externally used magnets by 10 times, but when used alone it will not take all the symptoms of an ailment away with out any other magnetic devices.
    Having said this magnetic water is an extremely powerful natural liquid that has immense potential , for assisting in the treatment of a huge variety of conditions. As research into magnetic water continues I can only conclude that an even greater list of properties and benefits will continue to be discovered.
    I recommend that all of my patients drink at least 4 glasses (330ml) of magnetized liquid everyday. It is perfectly safe to drink as much magnetized water as you like, there is not limit and you can never overdose on it. In some chronic and severe conditions the more you drink the greater the benefit.
    Throw off the age old skepticism of magnetic water, just because you may not have covered this topic in high school science does not mean that it is not a bona fide scientifically proven substance. The evidence is out there waiting to be read.

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