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Re: Questions about the safety of water fasting (edit)
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Questions about the safety of water fasting (edit)

Hello again #106570,
I would agree with some of the other posters reactions to your post in that there are many points to be handled at one time, and therefore more difficult to deal with.

The dangers of fasting that you refer to are usually sourced from mainstream medicine and where it was not that long ago where they stated that if no food is taken within 5 to 10 days you will die of heart failure. Not very trustworthy sources then I am afraid.

I go along with your disclaimer.

The deaths under Sheltons care are well documented and where the patients themselves had already been the rounds of conventional medicine and (already exhausted and emaciated from their care) were using him as a last resort. In all but one case they would have died anyway and came to him as a last gasp desperate attempt at life.
Has anyone asked at the dangers of medical orthodoxy where over 200,000 people die each year from properly prescribed drugs and where many thousands more of an iatrogenic origin.

I am being very serious here: does anyone on the forum know of anyone who has fasted for any length of time and not derived distinct benefit therefrom? or anyone who has indeed died or even heard of anyone who has fasted who has died?

I haven't either.

I am well versed with Dr Stanley Bass who is an excellent contributor and considered to be a bit of a maverick to Natural Hygiene, but brilliant nonetheless, and where he is absolutely right, that juice feasting on nothing more than fruit juice is extremely damaging to health if done over the long term, and especially the teeth where some of his fell out or became loose apparently.

The theory of detox while fasting as a misguided theory by him would be disputed by Dr Keki Sidhwa: the Worlds longest established Natural Hygienic Doctor who does believe it for its effectiveness and where I totally agree with him.

Bella is right of course about this referring to a fruitarian diet and is not to be recommended for the above adverse health reasons. Best to have a combo of fruit and veggies as juices on a juice fast.

Fasting has never been shown to be the cause of Gallstones or any type of stones within the body. There are cases on record where stone formation was eradicated by changing ones diet and fasting to normalize metabolic secretions and excretions, which have become abnormal through faulty diet and and lifestyle choices resulting in their formation.

It is true that the organs of elimination work "overtime" during a fast and that would of course include the Liver and so on, but how else do you excrete metabolic and other poisons unless you have these organs? These organs are usually working much harder while eating the processed and adulterated foods that we live on today than while fasting. Fasting lifts this burden of elimination: even to the organs of excretion.




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