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Questions about the safety of water fasting (edit)
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Published: 11 years ago

Questions about the safety of water fasting (edit)

After doing some research into fasting for myself, I was surprised to find that there are apparent dangers associated with Water Fasting and fasting in general. They don't often get spoken about on this forum so I wondered if people are unaware of these dangers, or do people choose to ignore them?

***A quick disclaimer: Although I had thought it would be clear, I am not posting for any debates, nor have I posted any stance in particular, take this for what its worth, if anything in your eyes, and please refrain from personally attacking me.

Thank you kindly!

This link is from William T. Jarvis Phd (his bio: scroll down a bit

Some quick highlights:

". Fasting can be dangerous, especially when undertaken or supervised by ideologists who are blind to its actual effects. Shelton's fasting regime was responsible for several deaths. A 49-yr-old man died of bronchial pneumonia that resulted from a 30-day distilled water diet sponsored by "Dr. Shelton's Health School" in Texas (said to be sixth such death in five years while undergoing treatment at the school) [3] Proponents of fasting often evoke the dangerous "healing crisis" theory of naturopathy alleging that adverse symptoms experienced by the faster are "poisons being expelled by the body." The misguided theory that adverse symptoms should be expected and welcomed as the body's "re-tracing" is explained by Stanley Bass, ND, DC, PhC (Philosopher of Chiropractic)"

Taken from, which shows other stories:

Here is some info on someone who juice fasted (or feasted) on acidic juices by Dr. Bass (his bio and info: N.D. D.C. Ph.C., Ph.D., D.O., D.Sc., D.D. , Orthopathic & Natural Hygiene doctor)

". He once went on a grape cure, recommended by Johanna Brandt. He lived on nothing but grapes, cases of them for about 35 days. He ate pounds of them at each meal. By the 32nd day, his gum was bleeding, and his teeth loosened in their sockets. He said that one of his teeth fell out of his mouth. He exclaimed, "My God, I am detoxicating my teeth."

"A surgeon dentist who was a Natural Hygienist and later became my dentist, in Rockaway Beach, Moe Leichter, told me that the worst recession of the gums and loss of teeth he saw in patients were in vegetarians and Natural Hygienists who lived mostly on fruit. He said that their teeth were ridged, soft in some, and lacking in calcium. He believed it was best to avoid heavy use of acid fruit."

Adverse effects that may happen:

Also going back to this which is backed up by medical journals and several doctors:

Also the Fasting general forum states that "Fasting may promote formation of intrahepatic stones and gallstones.

flush your liver before and after every fast, to prevent formation of large stones."

Perhaps because the liver isn't designed to work that hard during fasting all the time?

"If anything, fasting overworks the liver by saturating it with toxins produced by fasting itself" (Butler K. A Consumer's Guide to "Alternative Medicine." Prometheus, 1992, p.60)

I think we should try to take knowledge from BOTH sides to educate ourselves and then to form an opinion using common sense , considering this is alternative medicine there is a ton of debate as well as just as many experienced and well versed doctors counter arguing.

See also my previous post:




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