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(EDIT)Re: a few more suggestions and thoughts
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Published: 11 years ago
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(EDIT)Re: a few more suggestions and thoughts

(EDIT) This is my final word on the matter and I hope that no one pursues it further.

To debate and/or argue?
This was instigated by the other member after I had already informed them via my reply that some of the information contained within their post was erroneous and misleading.
Am I, or anyone else who knows better, supposed to allow this erroneous information to be perused at every members leisure and to their possible detriment?
The debating and arguing that ensued was of this posters making, and that is where this problem originated.

With regard to unfairness in many posts, I would like to remind you that there are TWO moderators on this forum, and where if I miss something of importance then this would most likely be picked up on by them.

What you may have construed as a one-way dogmatic set of "beliefs" have no place here or anywhere else for that matter, and where my own posts rely on the medical pioneers of therapeutic fasting and Natural Hygiene, and who also have by far the most experience with this process in the recovery from disease, and the attainment of absolute wellness; we are talking here about hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people who have fasted to recover their health with this experience dating back to the mid 1800's. This is not just "my opinion" or my "set of beliefs" but hands-on experience: we are dealing with facts here, and not faith.

My Stern beliefs?
I would like to think that I am as open minded as the next person and not dogmatic enough to admit that if I am wrong I will say that I am wrong.
On many an occasion I have sat back and either disagreed or agreed with a post with nothing more to offer than that, but if I witness misinformation that is or could be portrayed to the membership as possibly harmful and/or detrimental to their health, then I will feel obliged to intervene with a post of my own, and where I usually corroborate these posts from diverse sources, and not just Dr H M Shelton (who was BTW the most experienced fasting supervisor in the history of fasting for health).

You have grossly misunderstood my post I'm afraid, with reference to the words "defeat" and "lose face"......they were both referenced in regard to my role as moderator........if the moderators decisions are not upheld and how I would feel if this were the case.
I also find it very strange and disheartening when members do not fully comprehend the meaning of my posts, which are usually spelt out very clearly and unambiguously: there seems to be either a definite basic lack of English comprehension, or that my posts are not read as thoroughly as they should be for an accurate interpretation for a realistically meaningful reply.

The role of a mod', or any member, is not only to ensure that the forum is free of nonsense, negativity, personal attacks and so on, but also to ensure that any information within posts is as accurate as possible, and not misleading and/or potentially detrimental to members who read them.

I cannot comment on the posts of members who have made personal attacks before I became a mod' only a few short weeks ago.

A Water Fasting authoritative figure?
Then perhaps we should allow just "ANYONE" to offer advice and encouragement based on no experience or knowledge of fasting at all: this would be tantamount to harming a members health and where a person/s are needed to offer this advice who do have a great deal of experience and knowledge of the subject: I know who I would prefer.
My beliefs are not absolute and are not set in stone, and are also not based on faith; this is not a religion, but knowledge borne out of personal experience and the experience of many others who for the most part are/were qualified fasting- -supervisory professionals.

Our bodies are all the same: we conform to life-processes and physiological laws that govern our very existence, and where fasting is a universal remedy offered & employed by Nature to every living being on the face of the earth.
There are very few contraindications to the fasting process.

Anya was the worst of the offenders, and where most if not all of the abuse was in retaliation to that abuse instigated by her: this was a very peaceful forum before she arrived, with very little if any animosity.

Something to ponder.




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