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Re: Attention everyone..Re: But also let those who are banned remain so.....
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Attention everyone..Re: But also let those who are banned remain so.....

I don't think I was asking you to apologize for banning me, I believe I even said rightfully so due to me breaking rules*** but more so for disrespecting me, which you and many members have by the posts. Sure I've been rude, even a bitch and I was in the wrong with my handling and could have agreed to disagree after you bombarded me with literature continuously (which I believe is forms of debate) or whatever or gone at it at a more humane way in the beginning before everything spiraled out and I started getting attacked PERSONALLY. Please do not continue to twist my posts, you have done so more than twice.

You may want to look closely at the below link, especially as a moderator .. Going back with my initial post about me saying that Water Fasting can and has had adverse affects by me and people I know. According to the Webmaster you have no right to call me ignorant or say I have no clue what I'm talking about because you believe otherwise and then bombard me with passages. Then twist it to me saying all people who wf will have problems .. This is alternative medicine who are you to say something cannot and will not happen because you disagree??

Yes you have a ton of knowledge with Water Fasting and have helped many no one has said otherwise.. but that seems to be where your experience begins and ends.. Do you have any clue on how the body actually works in detail? The physiology .. Nervous and adrenal system etc? w/out copy and pasting via google? I'm gonna bet no but yet you continue to scoff and belittle me since day one regardless of my real life experiences with patients and education because I do not agree entirely with you or Dr. Shelton. this kind of attitude is the same thing western practitioners do. You even take it a step further and continue to scoff at me because I stopped MY fast and didn't believe ME vomiting up blood was a "detox symptom". Again who are you to act in a manner because you do not believe it? It's certainly easy to play practitioner online..

You have personally attacked me, debated, and haven't been fair in moderating posts, nor giving out your 'warnings' from other members who have jumped in this ordeal, I had to ask Steve to delete certain posts. I have several screen shots before everything was deleted by you. And I have had to whine for you to delete posts ie doing what a mod should do with people personally attacking me, starting harping posts randomly about me etc. but yet NO ONE else gets reprimanding, or warnings, etc. Why because they are your friends? These are my points and only points.

There are rules you must follow too as a moderator. There seems to be a bit of a grey area in the rules, I may suggest to the Webmaster too, because if mods break rules (regardless of anyone's behaviour), they should be questioned by fellow members, and I guess that is considered arguing by the Forum Rules , if I am
reading them clearly.

So I should believe ALL of this is okay by you and fellow members simply because I misbehaved? Then its okay to break the rules?

I'm sure if you leave there can be a FAQ in regards to Shelton's reading/findings to so you are not left w/out a mark. I'm not being sarcastic here either, many do find them helpful.

Please read this carefully:


Maybe you're better off as a contributor then a mod, since you have such a hard time being neutral in your 6 weeks of this.

anyways I have class, so enjoy your nights people if this is read before deletion

ps. As Loosie said and other misc members have agreed YOU are the one fueling this, I will remain posting educated suggestion periodically to fellow members within the guidelines as I have been for the past 2 days, whilst peacefully refraining from any posts with your name on it, that is if you chose to remain here.

You may also keep my old id, as I am a firm believer of reincarnation.

*Edit, per suggestion from a few members, I see I'm not the only one that has made points about your behaviour (ie incharge) and yet I see the SAME other people who have caused drama- continue to this day. As well as your 'friends' being excused from their behaviours.

This thread seems to be my fave:


.. "but moderators need to be able to keep a cool head, and temper their language in making impartial and inoffensive decisions within their own forum."

I guess that makes you not a great nor fair mod eh?


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