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Re: the approximate order of treatment protocols, please comment
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: the approximate order of treatment protocols, please comment

All the advice you have received here regarding detoxing is excellent. However, having suffered from fibromylgia most of my life, I can tell you that there is more than a casual link between hypothyroidism and fibromylgia. There is also more than a casual link between Vitamin D deficiency and fibromyalgia. If you have access to insurance and/or can afford to have some lab work done it might be worth having a baseline panel workup of all of your hormones, including your thyroid and Vitamin D levels, as well as a C-reactive protein level check, which is an indicator of inflammation. All the lab work is good for (at least here in the US anyway) is to provide you with a data point. You can have normal blood tests and still feel like crap.

I personally feel less fibromyalgia pain when I have access to:

(1) Far Infrared (FIR) Heat, (the cheapest one is to buy a utility task light and a red heat bulb (pet stores also sell pretty good ones for amphibians) and place it a safe distance from the part that aches the most); they also sell some wacky contraptions on E-bay that look like sauna closets that are pretty effective. FIR (Far-Infrared-Sauna) energy waves also penetrate the skin several inches and help to mobilize toxins from the liver and the lymph system.

(2)A good tanning bed (you want to go some place that knows what they are doing and understand the "health aspects" of the bulbs and work with someone who can guide you for timing and frequency. The goal is not to even really get pink - just to go often enough that you get the soothing UV rays and the heat. These machines also boost Vitamin D.

FIR and UV are at opposite ends of the light spectrum and have wonderful healing properties if used correctly.

In addition to the supplements mentioned here, some other things I have found to be effective are:

(1) Mega dose Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) I take 50,000 IUs every 5 days. It's water soluble, and you will pee out what you don't need. I take this beginning on our Fall Equinox through our Spring Equinox.

(2) 1200 mgs of Red Yeast Rice (in addition to being a great cholesterol inhibitor, which is why some people take it, if they believe that cholesterol level is a significant indicator of health, which I don't) it is also a wonderful anti-inflammatory. I have been able to get off all other pain medications as a result of lowering my inflammation.

(3) Essential Fatty Acids are "essential". I try to take at least a teaspoon of COD liver oil (they have flavored and unflavored) each and every day. I use only seed oils, like olive oil, sunflower, etc. I have found that coconut oil and/or milk (without sugar) are both very nourishing and help immensely and that eating avocados, small oily fish, and raw seeds and nuts are also very helpful.

(4) To nourish my thyroid, in addition to iodine, I also take L-Tyrosine, Selenium (as Selenomethionine) which also works to chelate toxins.

Since I am trying to wean myself off of Synthroid (I am currently on 50 mcg.) I am looking into supplementing with bovine thyroid glandular as well as a broad-spectrum bovine organ supplement.

Weston Price Foundation has some very interesting literature on eating organic raw liver slices to assist in providing the essential enzymes to flush the liver. I am looking into trying to find a safe source of organic liver and slice it very thinly, refreeze it and just try swallowing about an ounce of raw slivers and see if that makes a difference.

To jump start my liver detoxification I have also used juicing and have fasted using a tomato gazpacho recipe with added things like apple cider vinegar, Braggs Aminos, to make a very nourishing and filling soup which I drank when ever I was hungry. I also did a coffee enema on the same weekend.

I felt great and dumped a whole lot of toxins. I got sick though later in the month because I neglected to flush my lymph’s and got overheated…

Anyway - getting to the "root cause" is sometimes a very daunting task… and I do get discouraged. It seems like it’s one step forward and two steps back. But, there is incremental progress.

Hope some of this info helps!

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