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approximate order of treatment protocol, please comment
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Published: 13 years ago

approximate order of treatment protocol, please comment

after spending some months on cz (oh wonderful land of the likeminded, intelligent and compassionate) and trying a few things, i think i've worked out the priorities for me, although i'm not too sure about the order in which to approach various cleanses. i would like to run this by you all and welcome any comments or suggestions. i'm going to copy this post into a few forums since it covers a bunch of treatment protocols.

i have fibromyalgia/cfs (for 10 years)and research tells me that Iodine supplementation and the removal of Amalgams followed by chelation have both had great success. i have taken high and low doses of Iodine a few times and found the toxic (bromide)load to be quite awful. it has dramatically increased my fibro pain.

i've since had results of functional liver detox test and found that my phase 2 is slow. since phase 2 is responsible for the removal of toxins i figure i need to go slow on detoxing altogether until my liver function has improved. so Iodine and chelation i will hold off on for now. although i am scheduled to begin removal of Amalgams in a couple of weeks. i wonder if perhaps i should put this off.

i have begun an antiparasitic 2 days ago. sadly my humaworm has not arrived and i've since realised that humaworm no longer posts to australia. (have sent an email asking to have it sent to my mother-in-law in the u.s., finger crossed).

i plan to do another Liver Flush this week. the four i did over a few months yielded no stones and just a little chaff. i do know from ultrasound that my gb is congested with stones. i've had a 6 week break since my last one. i was pretty knocked about after my last one but i also took iodine so possibly it was not the gbf that was responsible. although i've had no stones come out i have had some improvement in symptoms. i have much less of the chronic gb pain i experienced and very few attacks. my digestion has also greatly improved. no more painful bloating and gas after every meal. and fewer food allergies also.

this is an approximation of the order i think i should approach treatment.

to do now
1. take liver rejuvenating supplements as supplied by my naturopath
2. take antiparasitics, also supplied by naturopath
3. do liver flush

to do when my liver function has improved (is there a particular order to do these?)
4. andy cutler mercury detox protocol
5. iodine supplementation

am i right in thinking that
1. a Liver Flush will not be too big a load on my liver?
2. an antiparasitic is also okay to do now?

as an aside, another question. i have noticed for some months this year that i have painful lumps all along the outside of my thighs. am i right in thinking that these lumps are toxic wastes being stored in fat? is this the result of my efforts to detox? it is possible that they have been there all along but i was unaware. i have recently lost a lot of weight and perhaps they weren't noticeable before?

i haven't included the shopping list of ailments and symptoms, nor the rather long list of supplements i'm taking but i would be happy to. my diet is principally organic and does not include Sugar or highly processed foods.

thankyou in advance
in loving kinship


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