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Re: Something stinks today....
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Something stinks today....

am not sure anything has been "found"

just going on a hunch, based on reading between the lines in various places, not the least of which is the book Parasite Rex

i suspect that certain parasitic infections are the basis for a belief in demonic posession

all parasites control their hosts to some degree or another, whether it is causing you to crave certain foods or behave in ways that allow them to propagate more freely

some of them thrive on the chemicals that are emitted when you feel anger
those infected with the snakes are angry people
next time you are sitting at a red light observe the expressions on peoples faces
in Austin, more than half of them look like they are angry and in pain

the bigger the worm, the more complex it's digestive system
big ones need minerals too
"snakes" are the really big ones

some tribal cultures won't even try to kill snakes
they believe it is something you are born with and you cannot live without it
i disagree

i believe you are not truly living until you evict it
you must clean out the temple, empty yourself,
in order for pure spirit to become indwelling

unfortunately a large percentage of people are infested with "snakes" that have teeth, and if you try to remove these things, they dig into the tissues

it's painful and most people would rather medicate themselves and kill the pain than go through the agony of evicting snakes

the concentration of removal agent required to kill a large colony of snakes would also kill the host

in order to get rid of them, you must reduce the size of the colony until you can survive a dose that is lethal to remaining few

the hardest ones to kill are the big ones
the hardest one to root out are the smallest ones residing in deep remote areas where there is the least amount of circulation

they infiltrate all of your tissues, this is why people have fibromyalgia

i get massage regularly
i used to be very, very lumpy
lumps everywhere

one person who used to work on me regularly can feel them
he massages them and the get smaller

one time he massages a lump and it moved
it scared him
he said it was alive
something jumped when he touched it
that evening my dog had a seizure
i believe he killed it with his love and it's "spirit" went into my dog
like the demons that went into the pigs and over the cliff

bloodroot and iodine both eliminate lumps

i think bloodroot specifically goes afer the kind that causes people to do things that are considered to be "evil"

gotta go, no time to edit
maybe more later
get my drift


it ain't for sissies

people need to grow it so it doesn't become extinct
if that happens it's over

either my brain is doing weird things or there is an entity tweaking my words or there is a very intelligent virus in my computer as the typos have begun to take on meaning lately

do not trust anything i write
trust yourself


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