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Re: please to know more in this regard
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: please to know more in this regard

with such liars in charge and so much black money having been spent, especially by nasa, there is no telling what kind of weapons and surveillance hardware we have stationed up there.

consider the case of congressman hale boggs:

"Warren Commission

The Warren Commissioners
deliver their report to
President Johnson.

Advocates of a blue-ribbon panel won the day, and on November 29 President Johnson signed Executive Order 11130 creating a President's Commission headed by Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren. Soon dubbed the Warren Commission. this body's other members included Senators Russell and Cooper, Representatives Ford and Boggs, former High Commissioner of Germany John McCloy, and Allen Dulles, CIA Director for several years until forced into resignation by Kennedy following the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. "

when it comes to the kennedy assassination, participants(in either the act or the cover up) were either handsomely rewarded or taken out of the way, depending on if they played nice.

"Operation Octopus, according to federal files, was in full swing by 1948, a surveillance program
that turned any television set with tubes into a broadcast transmitter. Agents of Octopus could pick up audio and visual images with the equipment as far as 25 miles away.

Hale Boggs was investigating Operation Octopus at the time of his disappearance in the midst of the Watergate probe."

Boggs additionally started to develop a habit of lambasting people like the Rockefellers who he said were combining "supercommunism and supercapitalism" as a totalitarian managerial society.

More interesting synchronity to the present: [1] Senator Boggs "disappeared" (murder by airplane accident) over Alaska with the father of Alaskan Nick Begich (later, co-author of Angels Don't Play This Haarp: Advances in Tesla Technology). [2] And who took Senator Boggs to the airport for his last flight outa here? Why, it was William Jefferson Clinton, Congressional aide, I have read."

rewarded or taken out of the way.

the most interesting thing that nick jr has said about the death of his father is that immediately after the plane went missing, search and rescue began. certain operatives from within the gov came to nick(his brother is mayor of anchorage and probably the next gov of alaska) and told him that they had found the crash and that three of the five people on board the plane had began walking away from the wreck. this was with satellites at the time catching the heat signatures of the people. S&R was never notified, supposedly due to the sensitive nature of the capabilities that would be revealed in doing so.

that was 1972! when people like steve fosset goes missing or they tell us incredibly f'dup crap like pot growers are ruining the wilderness in the national parks, i know beyond any doubt that they know where every single person is out there and can find then within minutes of a pass of a satellite. border crossing by illegals from mexico??? youve got to be kidding. osama bin laden??? quit pissing on me and telling me its a spring shower!!

half past human is a strange operation that uses the unconscious consciousness betrayed the words people chose on the internet to look for coherent patterns. it is simmilar to the princeton eggs project, looking for order out of chaos. their findings are worth note just because it is an alternative to the pure lies we are told. think about it. if TPTB can strike us from space, or anyone for that matter, imagine the plausible deniability! how would one prove anything? especially when people have been so conditioned to believe in aliens and other such unprovable myths, religious and otherwise. i fully expect these snakes to fake a return of jesus in the clouds in full view of the world. their motto is, and rightly so from their perspective, if they are dumb enough to believe it, who are we to deny them their delusions, especially if they can use it to their advantage.

we aint seen nuthin yet. and yea, itll be a lie. dont believe it.


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