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Glad to see you reach that point, and call enough- enough--again!
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Published: 13 years ago
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Glad to see you reach that point, and call enough- enough--again!


Glaxony posted:

>>>>This page is the foundation and basis of this website. This website was established for the purpose of disseminating this information, not to push pharmaceutical drugs and help people find ways to get them without a prescriiption. The recommended CZ cleansing protocol is what saved the life of our esteemed Webmaster . If you are trying and figure some other way, I don't think you are going to find it. People come here because they've tried drugs, over and over, and realized it's a dead end. I am uncomfortable with people using the parasite forum to obtain drugs without a prescriiption.<<<<<

I can't agree with you more Glaxony, thank you for hitting that point of saying "enough is enough"---again. Is Dushan aware of what direction the parasite forum has taken- again? Because it's not what CZ was ever meant to be. With people egging other people on to obtain the "possible magic parasite bullets" ARE further health problems being affected negatively? When Shroom was doing the latest round of Pharma drugs through the MD, along with the anti-psychotic drugs, and the Antibiotics that he added to it --was there a concern by the Doctor about how the liver might be affected?? Yes! Liver testing was done regularly, am I right Shroom? For a reason.

When people are being led to believe that Pharma drugs have "cured" their parasite problem for good, that they are now done killing parasites, that they have found "the magic bullet", of course people are going to hope what they are hearing is true, and are going to jump on the bandwagon. We've all seen the impatience of the people that will do anything to kill them all NOW.

Jumping from one thing to another, and basically ignoring- or pooh poohing what others have tried to tell them on this forum that has worked for them without it being Pharma drugs.
What was it you said about herbs Shroom? That they couldn't possibly work? snicker, snicker... Actually, I found it--your words:


"Sorry In am not feeling very optimistic today.
Aside from going into the body surgically, how else do you remove a parasite that is comfortably embedded into your internal tissue, surrounded by mucus, and impervious to antibodies? Herbs? ...snicker, snicker..

It takes real drugs, and in some cases nasty ones. I suggest, that since these things have receptor sites, and in some cases nervous systems, they can be harmed if "drugged".
What kind of drugs? I don't know. Maybe Valium

Does anyone truly believe that they can totally be "cured" of parasites once and for all and never have to do anything about them ever again? DO pharma drugs kill them "in all their phases"? No. Or is it like Dariush posted just a few weeks after stating he was "retiring from CZ" because his parasite problem had been cured with the animal dewormers....only to find more parasites soon after when starting another pharma drug. Hmmm.

Wonder if Dushan would seriously consider two forums, because people definetly leave this one when it turns back the Pharma direction.

Like you said Glaxony- it's far more than just killing parasites. What are the underlying causes for the immune system being weakened, and for the parasites to be able to take over to begin with? Heavy metals? Congested, toxic liver? Has there ever been Antibiotic use? (Candida), what about life-time changes in diet?, ignored gum infections? Did a bad case of "Mono" from years back become a bad case of Epstein Barr Virus, or Cytomegalovirus..or both? Does that affect your internal organs- liver/spleen etc? Heck yeh. Does that have anything to do with parasites? Definetly. What about Lyme? What about food allergies ? What about glands?

Are you going to find any of that stuff under your microscope Shroom? That's all of what I've been dealing with that I call the "co-factors". Why did I have the huge load of parasites? And, no, I didn't need a microscope to figure out what the monstors in my toilet continued to be day in and day out, for months. Am I getting them killed off? That's a big yes. I am. Will I ever again let down my guard now that I know what all varieties I've had living in me? Heck no. This is a battle for life--my life. But there's a whole lot more clean-up that will probably take years of consistency, and self-discipline to continue to address.

MD's would have killed me. The CZ programs work...if you are willing to work them!
Well said Glaxony.

Maybe it's time to start looking at the whole big picture, and applying stuff that has been pooh poohed for so long.

I doubt that the Webmaster would ever be in favor of a Pharma forum, but I vote for seperate forums, or clearly posted CZ guidelines here at the top of the page.
Nothing personal against any one of you using the pharma drugs, that's your own choice, but maybe there's a drug forum someplace else. What message is it newcomers are getting here right now?

Herbs? snicker..snicker (never gave them a fair chance, but they couldn't possibly work) Gotta get drugs.

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