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--The Curse of Welfare Health Insurance--
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Published: 11 years ago

--The Curse of Welfare Health Insurance--

Hi Ya'll,

Most folks who have Health Insurance will go to the Doctor rather than learn to help themself because, of course they have Health Insurance and want to take advantage of the Money it is going to pay for!

Did anyone Notice I said Money it was going to pay for, not Healing it was going to pay for?

In other words when someone does not have to spend their own Hard earned Cash up front, this puts them into a False sense of Security that by using the Money of the Health Insurance to pay for the Money needed to see the Doctor they are going to be fine?

It is just like Welfare, where folks are on the take and just want more without working for it !

This Causes these folks to be Slaves to the Government without them even knowing what is happening to them, as they lose every Fredom they would have had, if they would have stood up and learned to take care of themself without Hand-outs !

Now we have folks who are 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation Welfare Bum's who have now turned into Leeches to Society, just wanting More without them having to lift a finger!

These folks are worse than a Slave who has to work for his Master, for they do not add anything Positive to Society ! A real Slave at least had to work to eat !

Every 3rd Generation this may bring on the Collapse of Society as we now know it, which is every 60 years approx !

This is Time for change that many are not going to enjoy !

Just look at countries at war and see what has happened to the Social Welfare systems and how they Collapse and do not fill the needs of it's Slaves !

When folks must learn to work for their Food, it may bring some Pride in ones self again, that is needed to keep one from being a Slave to the system?

As usual not everything may be as it may 1st seem to be !

Cause and Effect !

Smile Tis your choice.

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