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Dug up these messages
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Published: 11 years ago

Dug up these messages

These messages indicate that EW creation protocol may not be accurate....I tried it and my ORP meter did not show a negative value. I know my ORP meter is not broken

To see any kind of effect on oxidation reduction potential from "energized water" would be to imply that the energy applied to the water is substantial enough to reduce one species and oxidize the other. That would imply that there would be a significant rather than trivial disassociation of H+/OH-. Which is not possible from a C or D cell. Think about it; it the energy from the battery enough to overcome resistance from conduit to overcome the specific energy capacity of the water? And is the energy enough to significantly polarize (more so than it already is) the water molecule?

Styrofoam is a very polar polymer. The outer surface has a greater density of negative charge than the inner. That is natural, but can be overcome by continuously running a charge through it. Grounding the styrofoam is a good idea, but the styrofoam must remain grounded to slow the buildup of negative charge on the outer surface. If you dangle a styrofoam ball next to another object with a considerable negative charge on the outer surface (plastic, organic polymers), you will see (perhaps not visually) a repulsion with or without "energized" water in the container. An inorganic container such as aluminum or silica would be less likely to repel the charge.

Use your ORP meter, have fun with it. But again, think carefully about the energy gained from a c or d cell battery, vs. the energy required for electrolysis of water. If the energy inserted into the water is great enough, there would be a separatation of charge, and reduced water can be created. Such a separation would cause a buildup of charge on the cathode from hydrogen, and show measurably high pH, high molecular hydrogen, and low dissolved oxygen. The redox potential, of course, would be very negative.

Sure the net charge becomes negative if a proton is removes from the water. But then hydrogen gas is created and the water becomes more reactive with the environment. But the energy from a household d or c cell will not be enough to consistently carry a negative charge across the water. It would not be enough energy to overcome the natural equilibrium of the water.


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