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Why Are They Even Voting On This Bail Out Plan?
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Published: 14 years ago

Why Are They Even Voting On This Bail Out Plan?

In case you didn't know this 450-page overstuffed pork sandwich called the bail out also gives Tax breaks for NASCAR race tracks, Big handouts to Virgin Island rum makers, Yet more tax breaks for Hollywood film producers, Gifts to companies researching wool, Huge tax breaks for companies like Microsoft and GE, and many other handouts yet to be discovered in this 450 page pork sandwich.

Now if that wasn't bad enough in itself, last night, the U.S. Senate quietly passed a $600+ billion spending bill, which earmarked $448 billion in Pentagon funds (war money), while we were watching Palin and Biden.

Earlier this week, the Federal Reserve quietly, and without any vote, magically created another $620 billion in money and flooded it into the banking system. There was no debate. No vote. No public announcement.

The truth is that you're watching the boldest, most outrageous swindle that's ever been conducted in the history of the world.

The truth is that you're a witness to the last, sad chapter of a military empire that's fast headed towards financial self-destruction.

The truth is that U.S. debt spending has now entered an escalating geometric progression from which no nation has ever returned in one piece.

Two weeks ago, it was a few hundred billion dollars in fake money and debt spending. This week, it's been nearly a trillion dollars already. Next week, it may be another trillion. With each passing week, the crooks in Washington will tack on another trillion dollars (or more) to the national debt, like heaving two-ton cars onto the back of a cripple who can barely walk to begin with.

That was from:

So my question is why are they even pretending to be voting on this bail out plan when they've already created almost twice as much money in the last week under cover? Answer, "to look busy and up front with the people". It's just a show. It's business as usual. They can't stop spending if they had too. S.O.S. different day. Screw public, let's save our rich buddies.

Tell Bubba and Billy Bob open season on politicians started yesterday, $100 a head. ;-)

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